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Susan Fennewald

This is scary.. Especially in unusual elections like the school election, the number of people who even know there IS an election, and what the issues are is low, but they're the only ones who vote. Now, lots of people in this one demographic group know there is an election and vote. But that doesn't mean that they know what the issues really are.

It'll be interesting to see if the mail in ballots represent the majority of all ballots cast in this election, and if they vote the same way that the other voters vote.

This clearly gives extra advantage to this one demographic group and their views.

Ellen Morrison

Which would be an argument FOR making it that easy for everyone.

Susan Fennewald

As long as its the same for everyone -its fairer.
But I've gotten to the point where I sometimes think that just having MORE people vote isn't necessarily a good thing. Having more INFORMED people vote probably is a good thing.
Think about when you vote - do you know which judges are good? which bad? Do you check out who the paper endorses and go with that? Do you check out who the bar endorses and go with that? Do you check three different sources and compare their recommendations? Do you not vote for judges because you don't really know who is good and who is bad? (I'll admit I've voted against every judge who was with the majority in the Severance case. Every nono-beachfront Galvestonian and Texan should have .But they didn't. Most (if not all) have gotten re-elected easily.)

Johann Ramirez

No no no no. Having more people vote is ALWAYS a good thing. It's up to those that have a position to communicate the advantages and disadvantages to the electorate. If you're unable to get out there and convince people of your message, then democracy has worked. Even if, as you're assuming, people are voting based solely on flipping a coin, those few that you convince to vote a certain way will win the election.

GISD Communications

Susan, there are more votes at the polls than in mail-in ballots cast so far. However, as of early last week, they represented about half of votes. That has since been surpassed.
But you're right, the fact that we had well over 300 mail-in votes is somewhat concerning because we don't know who it is that's actually casting their votes or whether they actually did their research before they mailed them in.
-GISD Communications

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