The Daily News contends the La Marque school board broke the law by taking a vote then refusing to tell people what the vote was about.

School officials gave the paper a hint that the vote had something to do with an item, posted on the school board’s agenda, about litigation over a dispute over electricity. But school officials wouldn’t confirm that. They would only hint.

The Texas Open Meetings Act requires a lot more.

Section 551.102 of the Texas Open Meetings Act says that the school board has to vote in open session and that, whatever action the board takes, it has to be described in at least the terms that are acceptable as a public notice.

All local governments, including school boards, have to post notices of their meetings. The courts have ruled that agenda items can be more or less specific. The greater the public interest, the more specific they have to be.

Bottom line, no local government in Texas can take an action without letting you know about it.

In the case of the La Marque school board, the public should hope that this vote was not important. If the vote was important, the school board should do it over again — and this time according to law.


Because, as the Texas Attorney General’s Handbook on the law points out, Section 551.141 provides that an “action taken by a governmental body in violation of this chapter is voidable.”

There’s one sure thing about that vote — whatever it was about — it won’t stand up in court.

Heber Taylor is editor of The daily News.


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Mike Meador

The same tune concerning the LMISD Bord of Edufication......

Jake Feigle

And Connie Trube got convicted in Hocking's kangaroo court for saying what she thought about the school board. What happened to freedom of speech?

Robert Buckner

I doubt anything will make it to court. I hope I'm proven wrong.

Chris Gimenez

Nothing will go to court Robert because the individual who is responsible for enforcing Open Meetings violations is the District Attorney of Galveston County. It's very convenient that Taylor and the GCDN-who endorsed Roady and refuse to expose his conduct-don't question why that DA isn't taking action.

Either Taylor's wrong or the DA is negligent. Either way you won't hear anything other than Taylor's incessant whining about Open Meetings and Public Records access. Except when it comes to the DA's Office and then Taylor is strangely silent.

It's called faux journalism-distract the masses with stuff that doesn't amount to a hill of beans while the real story gets covered up.

Jake Feigle

You are so right. Don't depend on Roady for anything.

Walter Manuel

Let's see what TEA thinks about how LMISD continues doing their business these days seeing how they don't want others knowing what their business is any more?

Note to self:::::Things to do today..... forward this article to the complaint department at TEA [wink]

Ron Shelby

More people should have come out to vote in the last election to help clean up this mess and turn out a current member or two.

Curtiss Brown

If you really believed what you wrote you would file suit and have this thing out in court. But since you complain along these lines

Curtiss Brown

If you really believed what you wrote you would file suit and have this thing out in court. But since you complain along these lines all the time and do nothing, I expect that you will do nothing in this instance as well.

Walter Manuel

The only way that these incompetent school board members will finally follow the law is when charges are FINALLY filed against then and they are fined.

It's sad that I've filed a complaint against them in the past for Open Meetings violations, as well as, ex district employees and nothing has ever been done about it as of today so these people know that they can blatantly break the law and get away with it.

This speaks volumes as to all of their true ethics and character as people in general and their total disregard and disrespect to the public as they pretend to serve as elected officials.... nada, zip, zilch, ain't happening with these sort of people....[smile]

PD Hyatt

Did you file with the TEA or with the DA.... That could make a BIG difference in how this is handled.... You might have more luck filling against LMISD if you went to the DA's office....

Walter Manuel

"follow the law is when charges are FINALLY filed against "them" and they are fined".

Chris Gimenez

The irony here is that Taylor and the GCDN endorsed the DA Roady because created a Public Integrity Unit (Roady should probably have that start an investigation into his office first) but then when the opportunity arises such as this, this PIU is nowhere to be found. I guess Taylor doesn't see the irony in it. Of course, there's a lot he either doesn't see or won't see.

PD Hyatt

Do you think that maybe the charges were filled with the TEA and not the DA.... As usual your hatred is showing up in spades....

Jim Forsythe

You are right about the hate he shows. Must be hard being so sad about life.

Chris Gimenez

Sometimes the truth looks like hate to the ignorant and uninformed. paul-hyatt, the TEA doesn't "file" legal charges against anyone and doesn't have any authority to rule on Open Meetings violations. That is only within the authority of the DA's Office. You've already confirmed that Roady's your buddy so calling me hateful but being unable to provide any evidence that what I'm saying isn't factual proves your ignorance rather than my hatred.

Bigjim, I'm far from being sad about life but I understand where you're coming from. You and your Lefties only feel satisfied when you have the federal government feeding you its mother's milk and it's really difficult for you people to understand how some of us refuse to look the other way when elected officials misbehave.

Jim Forsythe

What are You talking about. I have stated that all need to removed from DC. . I have said what I think needs to be done at Boarder is to take charge ,but take care of mess here. I have yet to see your steps like the ones I stated that needs to be done.
Maybe when I think about when You refer to our (your and my) President as a boy You have no respect of office and You see it as something else.

Have You written any or all in DC about what You think , or just want to wine about it. Do not say it will do no good, because if You don't do something nothing will change, Your just being a person that talks about it Get busy and demand what You want and get proactive in Your Government.

Chris Gimenez

No Bigjim, I'm not the one disrespecting the Presidential Office-it's your president. But as for doing something proactive in government, I'd say your missing the forest for the trees. What I'm doing is exposing the misconduct of the highest elected official in Galveston County. I've stated factually many times over what he's done and what the GCDN has done to cover for him. As for stating that all I do is talk about it, just exactly what should someone locally do to actually change Washington? My efforts are to change the DA's Office and the only way I know to do that is to continue stating the facts. What you'll notice is that none of my comments about Roady have ever been removed, even when I state that he lied to the AG's Office in order to cover for his misconduct. That's because the GCDN editors know that I speak the truth and they don't want to openly censor the facts even though they don't have the courage to print them.

Jim Forsythe

I guess you are still a citizen of USA. If so then he is your President no matter if you like him or not.
So you want to know what you can do to change DC. Letter writing is very important You may not think so , but a letter does matter. Do You have a candidate for President, Senate,Congress in mind, contact their campaign office and see what they need You to do.
Last time I checked `16 have already said they are running for President.
A bunch more have not declared yet.. Make sure You have more then one candidate in mind, as the process starts most will drop out.

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