If you know a Galveston family of modest means that still needs help repairing damage from Hurricane Ike, please help spread the word.

April is the last call for applications under Round 2 of Galveston’s Disaster Recovery Housing Program.

The city has been allocated money to help low- to moderate-income families rebuild or repair homes they own.

The goal is to repair or rebuild 450 homes in Round 2. So far, about 320 applicants appear to be qualified, local housing advocates said.

The advocates are hoping more homeowners will apply.

Volunteers and contractors have done a lot to spread the word. Still, some eligible homeowners seem reluctant to apply. Perhaps some of that reluctance is because of the program’s reputation.

Galveston had problems in launching Round 1 of its housing program. The city parted ways with its first contractor, CDM. There was some confusion about the rules.

However, the program’s efficiency improved dramatically under the new manager, URS.

The qualifications for Round 2 are less restrictive.

The application does include some fine print. But there are two main provisions for eligibility:

First, applicants must have owned the home when Ike hit or have inherited it from someone who did.

Second, applicants must meet guidelines for income.

Despite the initial problems with the Disaster Recovery Housing Program, roughly 750 homes were repaired or rebuilt in Round 1. Think what the city would look like if those houses were still in need of repairs.

It would be a shame if taxpaying homeowners who qualify for help missed this opportunity.

Heber Taylor is editor of The Daily News:

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