Hitchcock Independent School District did well in deciding to honor Michael Sam, a Hitchcock graduate who was drafted by the St. Louis Rams of the NFL.

Sam might be the most famous seventh-round pick in the history of the game. The reason, of course, is that Sam is the first openly gay player to be drafted.

When Mike Evans, a Ball High graduate was drafted in the first round, the Galveston school district immediately declared it Mike Evans Day. City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce issued statements marking the day. Everyone seemed to take pride in an hometown hero’s accomplishments.

In Hitchcock, the recognition came a bit slower — but it came. And that’s a good thing.

For many people, this is new ground; and there have been some tentative, uncertain steps along the way. There was talk of a documentary series on the Oprah Winfrey Network before Sam decided to do what most young people do when starting out on a career — focus on the job.

The main thing is that Sam is being honored. He is worthy of that honor. Very few athletes do what Sam has done, and his achievement should be recognized here in Galveston County.

Want to celebrate? Michael Sam Day is June 2. You can join in by wearing the colors Sam has worn — or will wear — on the field: Red and white for the Hitchcock Bulldogs, black and gold for the Missouri Tigers or blue and gold for the Rams.


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PD Hyatt

ROFLOL.... For what? Because he was drafted 3rd from last or is it really because of the other reason that he made the news.... Do not remember seeing you praise others in the county getting drafted because of their straight sexuality.... Wonder why that is....

Steve Fouga

Question: Are most Galveston County athletes drafted into the NFL given a celebration of some sort? I'm relatively new to the area, so I genuinely don't know. If they are, then a celebration for Michael Sam makes sense regardless of his sexuality.

If they are not, then maybe he should be celebrated anyway for pioneering openly gay sexuality in the NFL.

Being drafted third from the last is a real accomplishment for a college athlete. Most are not drafted. I'd say Mr Sam has accomplished more in the past several weeks than a lot of folks do in a lifetime.

George Croix

The Donner Party were also pioneers.
The job is football, not gay advocacy.
He's certainly accomplished getting more free publicity than most NFL rookies ever get, and NOT because of football prowess.
I believe that's the point...
How about shutting up and playing ball?


Mr. Buckner,
I don't have any grudge against Sam, because all humans will have to answer, for their own doings in this world. However you asked about the rage around Mr. Sam. Well as it turned out, the reason why things were trumped up so high was Oprah Winfrey had a secret deal with Mr. Sam for a reality show on her network.
Well long story short, it got out, and the Rams were purported to have put the stops to the show. You asked about other County NFL draftees, well Mr. Casey Hampton, of BALL HIGH SCHOOL in Galveston was an All-American first teamer at the University Of Texas, and was the number one draft choice of the Pittsburgh Steelers, making the NFL Pro-Bowl five of the twelve years he was a pro! He helped to win at least two SUPER-BOWLS, and one year was named the MVP of his team by his team peers!
Now, all that and Mr. Hampton never,...never, received the fan-fair,...hoopla, and craziness that is going on for this young man from Hitchcock until after he had proven himself, as an outstanding athlete and as a man who had given back to the community he lived in in Galveston and in Pittsburgh!
You now you see,...and I see, and have understood what's going on for many years now,...it is just getting worse. We have not seen nothing yet, just keep watching, as I have alluded to on other threads, this party is just cranking up!

Lars Faltskog

Well, I'm no football fan. As far as I'm concerned, each and every player can do their contracted job without fanfare, just as most of the rest of us employed folks do.

Then again, when you and I are at work there is the occasional co-worker who seems to get praise when, in our minds, we ask, "What?!? Why is he/she getting all this attention?!"

Folks, guess what: That kind of thinking on our part is childish. We should be mature enough to allow others to be in the limelight from time to time. Just as Mother Theresa did her works quietly, without asking for recognition.

Why is Sam getting so much publicity? Because for the 1st time, we have a new pro football player who won't have the media following him while he's jonesing for hot chicks at the tiddy bars.. There likely won't be stories on this guy for assaulting his doe-eyed woman, nor having a domestic dispute with police cardoning off his mansion, with media droning around, while his little toddler children are secretly being picked up by their aunt so that they can be spared from some of the drama that many of the "straight" football players have portrayed for decades.

Carlos Ponce

There are many accomplished HHS graduates who wore Hitchcock's red and white but not necessarily an NFL jersey. One that comes to mind is Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset. But there are others who became doctors, lawyers, peace officers, military men and women, teachers, coaches, superintendents etc. all worthy of honor as well as an NFL player - Randy Hymes of the Baltimore Ravens. I will wear RED and WHITE in honor of ALL of Hitchcock's graduates who have gone on to do great things. Good luck to Michael Sam. Being BULLDOG PROUD is a great tradition.

Steve Fouga

"The job is football, not gay advocacy."

Nope, gecroix, it's gay advocacy. Otherwise he would have stayed closeted at least until after he was drafted, and maybe forever.

I hope the young man has a long and productive career in the NFL, though not many 7th rounders do.

ole dad

I never thought I would see the day when someone is honored for their sexual preference. What have we become as a society?

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