Three cheers for the La Marque Independent School District.

The Texas Education Agency approved the district’s plan for maintaining its solvency.

It was a big deal when the state rejected two of the district’s earlier plans. It’s a big deal now that the state has finally said OK.

But first, let’s get the “buts” out of the way.

Yes, this is good news. But if the school district doesn’t follow the plan, it’s going to be in serious trouble. No secret there. That’s pretty much a matter of law.

However, the school district has been following this plan — approved or not — for about a year. It’s been making progress.

Yes, this is good news. But the school district still has to work with an external, independent provider of professional services.

Actually, under new Superintendent Terri Watkins, the school district has been working with the Harris County Department of Education. From the outside looking in, that relationship seems to be respectful and productive. It’s hard to see a problem there.

After acknowledging those provisos, it’s time to celebrate the good news.

The solvency plan is a financial map through 2016. Now that it’s approved, the district just has to follow the plan.

The district does have challenges ahead. And let’s be honest: The biggest ones are going to involve academics, rather than finances.

But a year ago, it was almost impossible to think about those real problems at the heart of education because of the financial crisis.

The news that the state approved the solvency plan is a signal that it’s time to focus on academic performance.

And if you’re really concerned about education, isn’t that exactly what you want to hear?

• Heber Taylor

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Robert Buckner

If academic performance had been a priority all along, LMISD would not be in it's current situation.

Walter Manuel

I know Heber's making an honest attempt at turning lemons into lemonade, however the "but's" far outweigh the "and's" as to why LMISD should be strutting their feathers "and" touting about their accomplishments.

While yes this is baby steps in the right direction for the school district, "but" it took someone from outside of the district to do the job for which we don't have the money to pay them without obviously cutting future services to our students.

"But", we still have the same incompetent school board members directing the school district and who are responsible for failing to have any qualifications or sense of direction for the school district other than to serve their friends and their own self agendas.

"But", you still have the same people in administration whose job performance, or should we say lack of, led this district to the financial and academic downfall that's it's currently in.

"But", you still have the same people covering up their failures, by trying to promote campaigns about "Good News Coming to LMISD" and "Get on Board to Harvard" that none of us have seen even come close to fruitation after all of this time.

"But", you have security, but their not keeping records of exactly what is happening in our school district nor what the children of our district are subjected to because of the districts policy.

Now you see why we're way overdue to start seeing some "And"s" like....

"And" LMISD voters have now voted in qualified people to oversee the running of the school district,

"And" LMISD has made "fresh" and new changes in the administration building that will offer qualified people to the district rather than those just taking from it.

"And" LMISD has changed it's focus from satisfying the desires of so-called ministers and their supporters by forcing them back into their churches or onto the street and out of our schools.

"And" LMISD has now moved from "Improvement Required" to "Met Standard" as a result of all of the necessary changes that was required of their new superintendent as part of her committment to doing "EVERYTHING" that was required in order to turn this district around.

Maybe ONLY when the "And's" start moving the scales away from of all of the "But's", we'll take those lemons and open us up a lemonaide stand, but today certainly isn't that day...[wink]


I was playing a game, years ago with a guy when suddenly he scored a beautiful point, a great point, and I automatically said,...."great point my man!" The man's eyes bucked wide, he turned his head, and gazed at me as if he had just won a thirty pound solid gold bullion brick!
He then said, "thank you so much, you know that means a lot to me, because one of the things I've learned about you JB, you don't give praises easy!" I then picked up on it myself! The man was right!!!! He was exactly right,...because I learned long ago, when one is competing against an adversary, you don't encourage him, during the competition, nor celebrate something which did not represent real skill, but it just happened!!! My poorly educated parents taught me people should "earn" or "pay" their way in life! The only things you should have without earning them are blessings and grace, everything else, should work and sweat for it! .... ( i.e. Friendswood ISD,..CCISD, TCISD, GISD, DISD, and SFISD ).
Having said that,...Mr. Manuel was right on the money again about LMISD,..and it is sufficient to assume,..they have not yet earned a well done praise from me. When they do, "IF THEY DO,...I'll POSSESS THE CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY TO SAY SO!" I fail to recognize anything of real significance showing real accomplishments to celebrate at the present!
The only thing I've seen here is they are hiring high priced consultants by the bushel, to come in here to do work THEY ARE GETTING PAID OR CHARGED WITH DOING themselves! In essence,...all that indicates to me, is they have been transformed into a "Paper Tiger!" They are not who they should bel! They are "PROPPED" up and will fall flat on their rear ends, if you remove the props!
To me,Mr. Taylor is one of those props! He continually supplies them with false hope! Some of us in this community recognizes what happened here recently for what it really was,..."NOT MUCH!" It is going to take a hell of a lot more than the approval of a solvency plan, submitted for the upteeneth time by PAID, OUTSIDE PROFESSIONALS, convince many community parents, and taxpayers that everything gonna be alright with this school district!
They remind me of the Vietnamese Army, years ago, when America sent almost a million troops over a period of years to "PROP" that country up,.. protecting their military, leaders, and citizens from the North Vietnamese and Chinese Communists! We did an admirable job to,...we ended up with over fifty-eight thousand dead,...untold injured, for life,...many returned with missing legs,arms, eyes, and many with metal disorders that will be with them for life! To make matters worse upon returning, we were called some horrible things, for standing up for this country. Some of us have just recently be called to Washington and given respect where respect was earned!
My point is,..the only thing all that proved was that those who did the propping was capable, and those who got "PROPPED UP"....was not worth a *&%* because the day we pulled out of SAIGON,....the communist rolled in with tanks, firing them off while South Vietnamese people and military personnel were running for their lives, screaming for fear of death coming down on them! Question: WHERE WERE THE SOUTH VIETNAMESE PROPPED UP MILITARY AND PUPPET LEADERS? ....[whistling].
Nawwww my friends,....I don't have much faith in anybody, who's getting propped up because there exists no real proof they can or will stand alone!
It might take longer, but in the final analysis,..even if the state shirk it's duty in holding LMISD accountable for their failed efforts, in providing these kids the same quality of educational opportunities others students are receiving, the end, the taxpayers and parents will still deal with them, the polls, and by continually transferring out to greener pastures respectively.
Lastly, some might get the wrong idea about me, but I'm not ashamed of telling it like it is! I'm not ashamed of truth, instead of forcing meandering lies out of my mouth just to appease people. There is to much at stake here, and money is the least of my worries, is young minds and futures,..being squandered by people without remorse, which irks the *(&# out of me.

PD Hyatt

What is a shame is that I doubt that any of the LMISD administration of the BOT read any of these great comments.... People on this board do want LMISD to succeed, but over the last bunch of years there has been no evidence of any such success.... If there was such evidence then parents would not be fleeing from the district in droves....

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