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Norman Pappous

"... the city needs a system of rubber-tired trolleys to get tourists from one place to another. That’s a huge, undeniable need."

Then fund the trolley through HOT tax dollars - not general fund money.

Align expenses and revenues!

Richard Moore

"It would be nice to have some public parking lots where a family could leave the car, board a shuttle and hit all the hot spots — attractions, restaurants and shopping areas."

With a little thought, the above concept and the trolleys could add a great deal to "Seawall Parking" experience for visitors and residents.

1) Establish several large Parking lots/Garages on the North side of Seawall
2) Eliminate parking on the Southside of Sewall for a commensurate number of spaces - this will go a long way to accentuate a park like setting on the seawall
3) Integrate amenities promised from "Sewall Parking" into the lots/garages on the north side of Sewall - the infrastructure investment will be dramatically cheaper than building on the actual seawall
4) Consider adding retail to constructed parking lots/garages on North side of Seawall - even consider having these lots done as "Public-Private Partnerships" with the city committing contractually to eliminating parking on the South side of Seawall as described
5) Utilize the trolleys as envisioned and fund, where necessary from an appropriate combination of HOT and Parking

Finally, consider having the Parks Board implement and manage this.

Steve Fouga

Would the trolleys with tires be less expensive if they were simply buses?

If they were buses, would they be more comfortable for the riders? If a rider were just using it to get from 23rd to Moody Gardens, would he care whether it was a trolley or a bus?

Could the same funding sources be used if they were buses rather than trolleys?

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