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Jake Feigle

Mr. Taylor, you too have convicted Mrs. Trube without having all the facts. First of all , the hired law firm has been used by the city many times. How can that be called an impartial agent? The event she was accused of happened in 2012. This is a he said , she said charge. Mayor Hocking said at a Council meeting that he would take a polygraph test Mrs. Trube also said she would take the test. If the event did happen ads the Mayor and City Manager said, why did they not address the racist remarks then? And why was none of the other Councilmen not told of the incident? Racism is very serious. By not addressing the event then, the Mayor and the City Manager violated their duty as elected officials. Seems to me that the Mayor should be recalled sand the City Manager should be fired. I would think that the black community should be up in arms over their neglect. That could be very harmful for the city The Mayor has not followed up and taken the polygraph test, so the matter is still a he said she said matter. The Mayor called la special meeting after he was given the information given to him by the Betheas. No one that was with Mrs.. Trlube were contacted to hear what we had to say about the issues. Mrs. Trube had nothing but good things to say about the Librarian. My self and two others heard what Mrs. Trube said. The special attorney hired to find the truth never contracted me when he was told that I was there and heard what Connie said. This is why I say Mrs. Trube was convicted in a kangaroo court. It seems that you too are willing to accept the act of the kangaroo court. .

Jake Feigle

Mr. Taylor, a person is innocent until proven guilty., Mrs. Trube has not been found guilty. It is only he said she said. Polygraph tests would solve that issue. And Mr. Taylor, if you and the Mayor would take the time to talk to the Librarian and hear what she has to say about the charges against Mrs. Trube, I think you would be very surprised. Mrs. Trube has not had due process You are wrong to ask Mrs. Trube to s resign.. An apology from you and the Mayor is in order. I was there every day of the voting and I know the truth about Mrs. Betheas claim. Do the right thing Mr. Taylor. .

Brian Cann

LaMarque is the French word for "little Detroit".

Walter Manuel

So, how long will it be before we read in the GCDN that they received a copy of the acknowledgement letter that the city of LM received from the DOJ concerning this whole matter?

My guess is the information will never be sent and like everything over at LMISD, given enough time to pass everyone will soon forget about it except for the one being wrongfully accussed.

We're talking about people's reputations and credibility being ruined here within their own community based on "he said, she said", so the least everyone should do is put on their big boy and big girl pants and take that polygraph test to prove whose lying to the citizens of LM

Only then will all of this separate the goats from the sheep and the REAL truth will set everyone free....[wink]

Jake Feigle

I agree 100 per-cent, but don't hold your breath waiting for Bobby or Bethea to take the polygraph tests. If what Connie said in 2012 was true, it would be crazy for Bobby not to take the test. His failure to take the test , takes away from his creditable. If Bobby took the polygraph test he would not have to ask Chris Colombo to try to get me to let up. I will not let up until Connie gets a fair trial, not the kangaroo court Bobby held. Bobby could get me to let up simply by taking the polygraph test. His refusal is like a person taking the 5 th. amendment to keep from having to testify against himself .Like Yogii Berra says, "it ain't over till its over"

Walter Manuel

If I recall correctly when listening that night to Mr. Begle read his conclusion statement to the city council, he clearly stated that it was their "Opinion" which clearly means that it's just that an "opinion" and not an actual legal finding.

Again, it's WAY past time that everyone in LM finally hears ALL of the facts and not just part of it or just the parts that the city thinks that everyone in LM needs to know.

I'm quite sure that there's plenty of soap to go around in city hall in order to clean ALL of the dirt from EVERYONE'S hands! [yawn]

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