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Walter Manuel

La Marque city council members need to take a really good look at the Christopher Lane/ Deanna-Bubba Bethea connection and connect the dots in terms of whether or not councilwoman Trube actually did what the Bethea's are claiming or is this just dirty politics and a ploy in order to help Christopher Lane get elected?

We don't need these type of people running a garbage truck moreless anything else in the city of LM if ANY of their allegations are found to be untrue!

So far it looks like all they have against councilwoman Trube is nothing more than hearsay.....[yawn]

George Croix

Hope the local glass companies have enough in stock to repair all the houses getting stone damaged from the inside...

PD Hyatt

The only thing that surprses me is that it took this long for some to try underhanded tactics against LM City Hall.... If you can not get voted in by your merits you slander someone to get them out in hopes that you will be appointed since you could not get enough voters to vote for you.... How sad and pathetic can you get....

Chris Gimenez

More faux outrage from Hubris Taylor. Any time the "R" word is thrown out it becomes a feeding frenzy for those in the media who feel it necessary to shout to their audience their indignation and disgust for the alleged mistreatment of some in our society. It's typical of the hypocrisy of Taylor and the GCDN.

I hope Mayor Hocking cancels the special-called meeting and rightfully allows the Justice Dept. to pursue it's investigation. The allegations weren't given to the city and the city should not be led down this path. If there was an allegation against someone at the LMPD would the Mayor call a special meeting to deal with it or would he wait for the PD investigation to be completed? Mayor Hocking should stand firm and allow the system chosen by the complainants to take its course.

But here's the hypocrisy of Taylor and Mr. Woolsey. They still refuse to publish and ask questions of District Attorney Jack Roady about why he dismissed a felony child abuse charge against a TC police officer without taking it to trial. This defendant was indicted by a grand jury. In fact, he dismissed it "In the interest of justice" and that was in spite of an investigation by CPS and the GCSO. There wasn't a peep from this paper about that dismissal.

Taylor's sleight of hand reporting might work with the low information crowd but some of us think he should explain the paper's position on selectively printing information about their endorsed candidate's actions in office. Otherwise, it appears to be just more editorial hypocrisy and faux outrage on the part of Taylor and Woolsey.


So far I've had nothing to say about these issues, because as one poster said a day or so ago,..."I prefer to wait until the process takes place by those responsible, and those in leadership positions, and see what turns up before I speak about what I don't know."
However, as a resident of this city, who pays taxes, and who has a vested interest in it's success, I am compelled to say if any of these accusations made concerning these incidents are proven, then corrective actions by our city leaders should be taken.
There is more to this than just accusations against councilwoman Trube! There are other very serious accusations being made dealing with recordings, and if proven true, and if NOT handled correctly will push this city back to where it was in the days when it was known as .."BUTTERMILK JUNCTION" race wise.
Now, for whatever reasons some might want this, I personally DO NOT! My reasoning is, because it is no way for HUMAN BEINGS to live. This is 2014, not 1914! If there are "committee people" sitting on city committees representing ALL the residents of this city, and are OPENLY cracking Lynch Mob, KKK jokes concerning ethnic minorities, then that person or persons should have no place on a city committee! It does not take a Rhode Scholar to figure this out!
Now, we still do not have all the facts, nor the truth of the matter yet, I realize this and this is the reason I'm waiting. However, as Mr. Taylor so beautifully eloquated, in his article, if there is a shred of evidence and truth to these accusations, LM City Council should prove it's worth and it's right to be label a fair, modern municipality where all can feel proud to live, not just some,... by doing what obviously needs to done it. In other words clean house!

Robert Buckner

I agree JBG, let the investigation continue and then make decisions based on the outcome of the investigation and the facts that are revealed.[wink]

Chris Gimenez

"Then it ought to clean house." Really? So this is being investigated by the Justice Dept. at the behest of law enforcement but Hubris Taylor believes Mayor Hocking and City Manager Carol Buttler should do their own investigation now and "clean house".

Well I'm no attorney and Hubris' brilliant mind notwithstanding, wouldn't that be a tacit admission of some kind of guilt before the actual proof of guilt? Wonder how that might play into the DOJ's heavy hand when it comes to forcing oppressive measures on the city to "right the wrongs" or coming to the conclusion that the city's already come to a conclusion?

Mayor Hocking should consult the city attorney and an attorney familiar with federal lawsuits before going forward with this meeting or taking any action that could prove financially devastating to the city and its citizens. The complainants didn't bring it to the city to investigate and I would think the city's leadership has a legal and fiduciary responsibility to allow the investigating entity to complete its investigation first.

Had the complaint and evidence been brought to the city leadership to investigate that would be a different matter but it wasn't. It was sent to the DOJ and now it's in their court to work through the accusations and evidence. There should be no rush to judgement simply because the all-too-familiar "race card" has been played.


You got me dead to right BVRESIDENT, yes I think the city council should do an investigation and not just sit on their hands while others organizations perform investigations concerning these issues.
I then think after all the information is brought together, and if the truth supports actions being taken, then I think the wise thing to do would be to take corrective actions. Now, it is obvious that you and I do not see eye to eye on this even though we have agreed on some issues in the past. So, as far as I'm concerned, as I said before, whatever time it take for those investigations to be completed, is what time I will be waiting to see what kind of City Council we have in LaMarque Texas.

Chris Gimenez

JB, I'm flattered but unbelieving that someone like me could get you dead-to-rights. I don't know Ms. Trube or the other fellow, couldn't pick either one of them out of a crowd of one, and I don't have a dog in the fight other than to point out the hypocrisy of Taylor and the GCDN and to encourage Mayor Hocking and City Manager Buttler to proceed cautiously lest justice not be done

Sending a complaint to the DOJ and immediately calling for Ms. Trube to resign sounds more than a bit political. Why wouldn't they allow the DOJ to do their work and then allow Hocking and Buttler to make their decisions? Do they not want to have to prove their accusations? What if the DOJ finds nothing of substance and Ms. Trube had been forced to resign? Would that be fair?

Taylor and the GCDN should remove the plank from their own eye before they call for a rush to judgement about others. But then again, that might take the focus from their (ab)use of selective outrage.

District Attorney Jack Roady dismissed a felony child abuse charge against a police officer without this paper making any note of it or asking why. Tell us Mr. Taylor, don't you care about children who get abused or do you save your outrage just for those adults who get accused of being racist by others?


BVRESIDENT, I've never called for Ms. Trube to resign, I don't know if she said anything. I was not there! I said if there is evidence to prove, the truth of the accusations made, in particular the ones where a sitting committee person on a LM CITY committee, is allegedly recorded cracking KKK jokes about African-Americans candidates! I said ultimately,corrective actions should be taken by LM City Council AFTER all the investigations are complete and in their hands. I take that to mean, WHATEVER they are able to do as a municipality under the laws of this county, state, and country, they ought to do!
Now, I personally don't want that kind of person representing me, I'm sorry, and unless my government classes escapes me, that person was not elected by the people, so it should not take an election by the people in order to get rid of him, if dismissal is merited.
Those who levied the complaints might not have done so by chain of command, and I hear those who are arguing those points, but if there is truth in what was complained about, those are two separate issues, and should be treated and addressed as such.
Again, I did not call for anybody's, resignation, I'm simply saying what I've said from the beginning, yes investigations should be forth coming, and when all of them are complete, SOMEBODY needs to act on what is presented and learned from those investigations. To do otherwise would be totally irresponsible and damaging to LM as a city in my opinion. I cannot be any more fair, clear, and just than this.

Chris Gimenez

JB, take a breath. I never stated that you called for her resignation, it was CLEAT.

"The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas and the La Marque Police Association are calling for the resignation of a La Marque councilwoman, accusing her of making racist comments."

Brian Cann

This is very interesting. Are words, or actions racism? Or are both racism? What is racism? Is it simply the idea that your particular race is better than others? That is one of the definitions from Miriam-Webster. The other definition is poor treatment or violence against a particular race. One is an action, the other is a thought. Does a person run afoul of the civil rights act by saying another race is inferior? Or does a person have to actually do something, a physical act of discrimination, to run afoul of the CRA? Can we prosecute/persecute for thoughts? Should we? I know a black business man that will not do business with other blacks, says he doesn't trust "them". Is he committing acts of racism? Is his use of the "n" word the same as an Asian guy saying it? In the same vein, if Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld tell the same joke and use the n word, are they both performing acts of racism or are they both racist? If Chris Rock worked at the planning department and told the joke, are we even having this conversation?

Can a person be a racist, without committing any acts of racism? Is being a racist, believing that other races are inferior, or just not liking other races, against criminal or civil law? Can you be a racist against your own race? Can a white man be fired for not liking whites? Not doing anything to them, just not liking whites. Is it against the law, civil or criminal, to not like a group of people? Should a person be fired for not liking a group of people? Should we be in the business of firing people for their thoughts? Should conversations held in private outside of your place of employment be used to fire you? What if they are recorded illegally?

We need to think long and hard about the road we are traveling, we may not like the destination.

George Croix

The first place the complaint should have been taken was to the Mayor and City Council. Was that done?
If not, then a certain amount of showboating is in play, imho, even if the allegations are true. At any other job, do you file a lawsuit or call in the cameras before you even try to get your issue resolved?
You don't have to LIKE your boss to WORK with him/her. The same people complaining after end running chain of command, IF they actually did, are pretty darn big about following it themselves.
If the allegations are true, then the voters should be the ones to turn out the parties involved if they choose to do so. Or there could be a voluntary resignation. If we forced everybody who made a racially sensitive negative comment out of their politicking job, we'd have a lot of open positions in our own Congress...in ALL of it's varied demographics. For that matter, we'd have some openings at State and Loacl levels, too.
Here's another thought...stop having programs and functions paid for by taxpayers that are targeted to a particular demographic. That would get rid of a lot of the opportunities to cry foul by everybody. Everybody gets considered, or nobody gets considered.
Actual equality.

Walter Manuel

"The complainants didn't bring it to the city to investigate and I would think the city's leadership has a legal and fiduciary responsibility to allow the investigating entity to complete its investigation first".

Excellent point.....

This was perfectly timed for early voting AND when Chief Aragon and Telisha Long were both out of town, two individuals who could have easily answered a lot of unanswered questions before certain people ran to the police union and to the news station.

If they have had this information "for some time" as they claim then why was James Bethea's affidavit just notorized on May 29,2014?

Council woman Trube is an elected official just like every other elected council member and mayor currently serving the city of LM, so council members can't ask her to step down nor should they expect her to unless the AG finds that she in fact did do something criminal in nature.

Exercising one's first amendment right to freedom of speech doesn't always negate criminal charges being brought against someone even if others don't like what was said.

Before we go throwing someone under the bus for allegations being made against them, we should let the AG's office determine whether or not there was any criminal wrong doing on anyone's part and then decide where to go from here?


You got a point Mr. Manuel a strong one too. However my main focus is not on Ms. Trube. My main focus is on that recording and the veracity of it! If evidence, proof and truth can be established to the accusations levied on the committee person sitting on one of the city's commissions, then the city in my opinion should act accordingly.
If I'm correct, we have not started electing committee people yet. Unless I'm wrong they are appointed. Now, I've had my say on this until after all the investigations are completed. I just felt an obligation to make my position on this "MESS" clear.

Walter Manuel

I totally understand what your saying Mr. JBG.

Norman Pappous

I don't understand the hubbub from Heber.... Here in Galveston you can proclaim yourself a racist in front of City Council ON VIDEO without fear of consequences.

Galveston City Council; August 28th; Item 4; Part 2 of 2; Public comment; time - 15:10


Galveston NAACP President David Miller: "I quote things but I never say anything racial. You all know that. You all write the blogs and everything about that I'm racist. You damn right I'm racist. If the whites and blacks fighting, I'm pulling for the blacks."

Where was Heber's outrage back then?

Walter Manuel

Thank you Mr. Pappous for that link, it was most interesting to say the least.

I've been trying to do my investigative work today regarding finding a link to the original council meeting tape where Council woman Trube discussed a developer wanting to build some section 8 apartments, but unfortunately I could not find that tape on the city's website.

I remember that water was an issue for the city at that time and it's inability to service that many apartments, as well as, the condition of the sewer lines that are now collapsed were also an issue that the city could not afford to finance on their own and the developer didn't want to fork out that expense himself without the city's help.

Anybody can certainly turn this into what they want to best suit their own needs, but I'm sure when the AG's office have completed their full investigation they will find that they were only given half of the facts.

Again, this had nothing to do with the library and everything to do with getting Council woman Trube and Council man Osteen off of council in order to put Deanna Bethea and Christopher Lane on council so that the LM police association can finally get everything that they want in their contract negotiations without the watchful eyes of Mr. Osteen and Connie Trube telling them that without raising taxes the city can't afford to give them free health insurance for not only themselves, their spouses, but also their children.

Soon, some people will certainly be wearing egg on their faces I'm sure.

Remember, there's nothing sliced so thin that there aren't two sides.....[whistling]

Gary Miller

Start cleaning house by getting rid of Bethea, Lane and the blank check wanted by Cleat.
Have y'all forgot buying politicians is a favorite union tactic?

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