How is it that the La Marque school district ended up with two contracts with two organizations to provide electricity?

After all, that’s probably not a mistake you, the average reader, has made at your home or business. Two contracts for service, entitling you to pay two bills each month, not just one.

The school district is in a dispute with The Daily News over what records about the purchase of electricity are public. And, understandably, district officials are concerned about talking too much until the legal questions are resolved. After all, each of the two electricity providers has a contract. Presumably, each expects the district to honor its deal.

But after the dust settles on these legal questions, district officials really should tell people how this happened.

The district has had remarkable turnover among administrators. The school board ousted one superintendent and had acting co-superintendents before Terri Watkins was hired. It’s believable that in all the job changes at the administration building, some staff members who were responsible were laid off or terminated.

But that’s not really a good answer in this case.

Some board members scrutinized every contract involving an outside contractor the previous superintendent recommended. There were endless discussions on the contracts for food service, janitorial and maintenance services and bus service.

When you have members of the board examining every detail of every contract, how did that whopper slip through?

And how was it possible that so many trustees signed a new deal at a higher rate without at least asking about the old rate, which would led to the discovery that the district had three years left on its existing contract? Isn’t that the kind of question you’d expect at least one trustee to ask?

When the legal questions are resolved, the board ought to give the public an explanation.

Heber Taylor is editor of The Daily News. He can be reached at or 409-683-5245.


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Mike Meador

Those of you voting in LaMarque: You voted the idiots in!

Those of you voting in LaMarque: You voted the idiots in AGAIN, AGAIN, AND AGAIN.

Those of us living outside LaMarque? Glad I don't have to pay my taxes for these idiots!

Walter Manuel

Heber, the answers that you are looking for does not take looking into a crystal ball, reading tea leaves nor burning candles and analyzing how the wax melts.

It's obvious these people saw "free money" again coming from the incentive money being offered to change even though they would be paying much higher per kilowatt to Reliant than we currently are paying to Energy for Schools.

This is what exactly what happens when someone runs a business hanging onto the government teat for everything in order to keep their doors open.

It's a shame that they got rid of Mr. Burley who had more sense to sign the original contract keeping us at this lower rate than the 6 so-called brains put together on the board along with their attorney!

Again, the school boards incompetence costs US taxpayers more money that we DID NOT have to spend! Let them try to explain this to the people now overseeing their finances and their financial solvency plan.

Surely the village has noticed by now that they are missing some people???[scared]

Walter Manuel

Ooops! That should be," Mr. Burley who had more sense to sign the original contract keeping us at this lower rate than the "7" so-called brains put together on the board along with their attorney!

Didn't someone including the district's attorney have a file labled CONTRACTS for "LMISD"???

There was NO excuse for this mistake. Bottom line is none of these people have a clue as to what they are doing and they keep proving it! Period! [crying]

Willis Briggs

As the General Land Office said, it's business as usual, an apt description of LMISD board of directors actions. [sad]

this is one reason I no longer live in the district.

PD Hyatt

What a shame that the ones that are ruining LMISD have no clue that they are ruining not only the school system, because if you do not have a good school system then your town will not grow and the people who do move in are not the type that you really want in your town as the others that you do leave....

Chris Gimenez

pau-hyatt, isn't is funny how you enjoy complaining about things you won't do anything about but are critical of others who do the same? Why don't you take your own advice and give it a rest.

Brian Cann

How did this happen? It's little Detroit, that's how!

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