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Steve Fouga

Heber, I agree with everything in your editorial except this sentence:

"You’ll hear a lot about the laws that require government to be open."

Pleeease, can you keep it to a little? It's tiring to hear about it.

Johann Ramirez

If it was the duty of the search firm to select the final four candidates, and there was no city involvement in that process, there is no reasonable expectation that the requested information should be made public.

Now as a matter of overall process, I would contend that the company is correct in not disclosing the full list of names. Seeing your employee's name in the applicant pool may lead some supervisors to react negatively.

Chris Gimenez

Typical Taylor bloviating. He wants to appear as if he's protecting the public be seeking information that is inconsequential to the public while overlooking that which is right under his nose in the District Attorney's Office. Makes you wonder why he refuses to question our D.A. about the numerous cases in which charges are brought against innocent citizens only to be dismissed later. Nothing to see there Hubris, just move along like a good little editor.

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