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Robert Young

Stay on em Hebert..

Carlos Ponce

In the past in the absence of a principal at Hitchcock High School, the assistant principal has assumed those duties. There are also other central office administrators who can fill in if needed. The superintendent must also oversee Hitchcock Primary, Stewart Elementary and Lorraine Crosby Middle School in addition to Hitchcock High School each beginning a new school year.

Walter Manuel

Looks like Hitchcock ISD has taken a play straight from the LMISD playbook.

Good job Heber reminding these people of the law and how they are suppose to conduct their business even when they attempt to play ignorant regarding such laws.

I thought HISD was far better prepared to run their school district than the current LMISD board of trustees, but apparently not? [wink]

PD Hyatt

I agree Missionary Man.... It would have seemed that HISD would have been paying attention to what has been going on in LMISD and how the TEA came down on them for making the Sup. do to many jobs instead of the one that she was hired for. HISD is not doing that well with the TEA according to the paper and what the board has said as they have been on the watch list for the past 2 years.

PD Hyatt

Isn't it amazing how many of our elected officials seem to like to pick and choose which laws that they obey and have their lawyers there to back them up with some obscure reasoning. This display of picking and choosing which laws to follow is very evident in Washington D.C. and now it seems as if it is happening throughout our nation. What a shame that is....

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