One of the things islanders are talking about is the number of accidents on the seawall this summer.

One recent wreck, tragically, was fatal.

Even the near misses are frightening. One common sight is a group of pedestrians, sometimes with small children, trying to cross the boulevard in heavy traffic, far from a traffic light.

In the past, Galveston residents have done a good job about warning visitors of danger. They’ve spread the word about the importance of swimming near a lifeguard. They’ve warned visitors about dangerous currents near the rock groins and at San Luis Pass and Bolivar Roads.

Maybe it’s time for a safety campaign aimed at the dangers on the pavement, rather than in the water.

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Paula Flinn

Yes. I drive a little as possible on the Seawall Blvd. on the weekdays in the summer and not at all, on the weekends.

Island Lover

STOP U-TURNS! There used to be signs everywhere that said no u turns! When did it change?


Please stop the U turns, my biggest irritation are the people who make u turns in the middle of seawall blvd. That center lane is NOT for u turns.
Just last month someone ran a stop sign and hit my car, the damages to my 6 month old vehicle are already up to $25,000. We seriously need more police just to work traffic!!

Mary Branum

U-turns will not stop. Since when have some motorists obeyed signage?
Drivers are always turning left around the Texas Heroes monument on Broadway and 25th where there are many no left turn signs.
It is all about attitude, not laws - entitlement - laws don't apply to me!

Miceal O'Laochdha

I have always believed it was illegal to make a U-turn on the Seawall, that is what I was taught in 1972.

But I think lovethisplace is right: used to be signs, now there are not. Police enforcement can help, but only if the signs are up to give them grounds to issue tickets. It will be easier to enforce (catch the offenders in the act) on the seawall during tourist season due to frequency of it occurring all up and down the seawall. Any police car on the seawall on a July Saturday afternoon is bound to observe u-turns occurring.That is unlike 25th and Broadway left turns, because that happens less often and would require a policeman stationed there to actually catch anyone.

Steve Fouga

I had no idea Seawall u-turns were illegal. I do it all the time.

A question to Galvestonians who were here when there were No U-Turn signs posted: what was the usual way for a westbound driver to switch and go eastbound to find a parking spot on the seawall? Were u-turns permitted at traffic lights? If so, did traffic flow smoothly at those spots, or were there frequent tie-ups? If not, were drivers forced to turn off into the neighborhoods to find a southbound street they could turn from?

As someone new to the Island, it's hard for me to imagine efficient traffic flow on Seawall without u-turns. But I agree it can be dangerous if a u-turn is poorly executed. Surely, if u-turn signage used to be evident and now it's not, the Police Dept must have felt it was better to allow the u-turns. Right?

Whether u-turns are allowed or not, I suggest lengthening the green lights for southbound traffic at Seawall intersections, especially those with heavy pedestrian use. The "walk" light should be lengthened as well, to at least 20, if not 30, seconds. It's a very wide street! Most motorists are courteous towards pedestrians using the crosswalks, and when they are, it delays traffic to the point it becomes a drag race to get onto Seawall after the pedestrians cross. If the drivers try to turn in front of the pedestrians, it's a drag race as well. I've had three close calls at the Seawall-45th intersection in the past two weeks, twice as a pedestrian and once as a driver. Dangerous place!

George Croix

I'd suggest you contact Bill Engvall to head up that 'safety campaign' that proposes to stuff some common sense into the heads of the senseless.
You'll save a fortune, because he's already got the appropriate signs made up....[wink]

Steve Fouga

And a BOI to boot...

Don Schlessinger

Interesting comments, the article suggests a new safety campaign not more restrictions. In the 25 plus years I've lived on the island I don't remember no u turn signs. Should we really be safe and outlaw drivers entering Seawall from side streets from crossing the yellow lines turning left? Nothing but right turns entering Seawall Blvd, that'll make us safer. With all the money spent on non-sense advertisement and such, the Park Board could mount a campaign that reminds tourists to be careful driving on the Seawall. Leave it at that.

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