The Galveston City Council should not tie the next council’s hands by starting a search for a permanent replacement.

We’ve said this before, but we’re repeating that advice because of Item 15.C on the council’s Thursday agenda: “City Manager Search Process — Discuss and consider for action giving staff direction on the city manager search process.”

Sometimes less is more — and the most productive thing the council could do on this topic is nothing at all.

It should leave the search to the council that will be seated after the May 10 election.

The new council is bound to be different.

Three members of council told supporters they aren’t seeking re-election: Mayor Lewis Rosen and council members Rusty Legg and Elizabeth Beeton.

Friday is the deadline to file for council seats, so the races aren’t entirely clear. But it’s obvious at least two of those races will be lively. David Hoover is challenging Norman Pappous, and Carolyn L. Sunseri is challenging Marie Robb.

Keep in mind that this council cannot, by charter, do a credible search and hire a permanent city manager. The charter prevents councils from hiring or firing a city manager within 60 days of an election. That’s just not enough time to fill such an important post.

The next council will want to chart its own course. It ought to be allowed to conduct its own search, from scratch, as it sees fit.

At a glance

WHAT: Galveston City Council Meeting

WHEN: 8 a.m. Friday

WHERE: City Hall, 823 Rosenberg, in Galveston


15.C. — City Manager Search Process

Discuss and consider for action giving staff direction on the City Manager search process.

15.D. — Acting City Manager’s Salary

Discuss and consider increasing the acting City Manager’s salary to compensate for additional duties

Heber Taylor is editor of The Daily News.

(3) comments

Steve Fouga

Yes. The only thing better would have been leaving Mr Kovac's fate to the next council as well.

Linda Vaccaro


Jarvis Buckley

I'm thinking Mr. Maxwell should be given the opportunity . He did a great job last time, except for trying to slide in a new police Chief from Jamacia Beach.

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