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Jarvis Buckley

The reason you will no doubt hear about our ratio to other city's regarding police officers is the layout of our island. Approx. 33 miles long. That's what is brought up anytime more personnel is requested along of course with more money. Forget the tax breaks taxpayers , the flood gates or fixing to open.
Galvestons infrastructure will again be put on the back burner.

Jarvis Buckley

Where is Steve Greenburg on this issue? He speaks with knowledge, regarding our infrastructure

PD Hyatt

Herb are you telling everyone that politicians say one thing to get elected and then do what they want once they get into office? Say that isn't so, as I thought that politicians were honest and that we could believe in what they said....ROFLOL@that one....

Jackson Hancock

GPD should focus more on crime than revenue generation on ticketing. It's outlandish to see Poretta still imposing his quotas to "get those tickets written"..when drugs can be bought at a local store on Broadway.

George Croix

Fortunately, that 'local store on Broadway selling drugs' will be closed down by the end of the day, after 'islandstudent' notifies the police and gives his/her evidence along with a verifiable personal name/ID and offers, as any good citizen should, to be a witness for the prosecution.
Good work, islandstudent.
We need more standup, upfront, folks like you unafraid to stand behind what would be an anonymous allegation made by most folks.
Again, good work.....

George Croix

I didn't read anything in the GDN this morning about the Police raid on the 'drug' store on Broadway...what's up with that...?

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