Mardi Gras

Dan Kegel and his daughter Mia, 2, collect beads Feb. 22 during the Mystic Krewe of Aquarius Kick-Off Parade at Mardi Gras Galveston.

KEVIN M. COX/The Daily News

While it is too soon to determine how much spring break will help the area’s tourism industry, which has been hampered by a cold and wet winter, there was a bit of promising news this week.

Mardi Gras this year outpaced last year in the number vehicles that crossed the causeway — an increase of nearly 35,000 vehicles — and increases in hotel occupancy rate and hotel revenue, 1.6 percent and 13.2 percent, respectively.

It will be months before the final tax revenues and expenses to the city will be released. And it is expected that the revenue will not cover what the city of Galveston spent on public services, such as law enforcement.

However, more tourists visiting this island during Mardi Gras is a promising sign.

• Dave Mathews

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phillip cowart

why does the Galveston daily news keep hiding letters and public imput on the real true stories about mardi gras ??? by the way the the picture of father and baby was taken on seawall where its free and a family event . not what the city and promoter has turned mardi gras into on strand ...and getting worse every year !

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