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Richard Moore

"...ban parking on the south side of Seawall Boulevard and develop a series of parking lots served by shuttles."

Finally - a sensible strategy emerges! This approach has many advantages, not the least of which it would utilize "controlled access" parking which would not require police officers to operate, much easier and lower cost development of amenity infrastructure on north side of Blvd. in conjunction with the construction of the lots, increased aesthetics for South side of Blvd as well as space for bicycling, jogging, etc.

All the City Council needs to do is establish the no-parking zones and turn the rest over to the Parks Board!

Charles Brothers

I like it the way it is. I can keep an eye on my van while surfing. I even like the parking fee. Seaweed is the problem right now.

Steve Fouga

How does eliminating seawall parking help with the parking issue? Simply add the lots without eliminating ANY parking. More parking = better; less parking = worse.

George Croix

Perhaps a survey published in area newspapers, say, all the way to Huntsville or thereabouts, asking how many potential beachgoers would be willing to leave their automobiles at remote locations (presumably paying for it), unload all their beach gear and kiddies, reload it into a trolley/bus/shuttle, ride to the beach with other similarly packed people, unload it all, spend day at beach, time departure to catch shuttle, repeat above in reverse order except dirty and sweaty, might be useful.
Has this been done, or is Mr. Assume about to do his famous divide and re-define act?

GW Cornelius

Bad idea. Will not work and just plain stupid.

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