During the presidential inauguration Friday, which should be a day of celebration, three things happened — two that should have and one that shouldn’t have.

The first was to witness, as we have done for more than 200 years, the peaceful transition from one head of state to the other. For many other countries, the transition only comes by a military coup or armed revolution.

The second was a right to stand along a public street anywhere in America, voice or hold a sign in protest to the policies that are, or expected to be, enacted by the new administration.

What should not have happened is that instead of just voicing their opinion, one group turned to something ugly by vandalizing businesses in Washington. D.C., not far from the inauguration parade.

We like divergent points of view. We like healthy, heated discussions about matters of importance. That is this country’s foundation.

But to vandalize private property just because it is somewhere close to the inauguration of a president many did not support? That’s just stupidity.

The people who did that were not exercising their right to fair comment, they were exercising their right to be an unruly rabble — a right that does not exist in this country.

Rioting is not voicing an opinion. Rioting is not a protest. Rioting is just plain and simple, stupid behavior.

At the same time, though, there have been hundreds of peaceful protests throughout the country. Agree with the marchers and protesters or not, it is their right to assemble peacefully.

The Trump presidency promises to be a wild ride for Americans. The upside to that ride is that the recent presidential race has sparked a discussion about the country’s future that probably needed to take place.

What the race did not spark was an excuse for a few misguided people to turn into an unruly rabble, regardless of what they might claim.

• Dave Mathews

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Don Schlessinger


Those caught between caught between the ceremony and the stupidity during the inauguration last Friday seemed to be all Democrats, go figure.

Jarvis Buckley

Thanks for printing this article.GCDN.

David Smith

All the women marching for womens rights? Stop it.. Theyre offended because their horse lost... women habe the same rights as anyone else.. you do remember when tuey burned their bras(tee hee hee)?

Carlos Ponce

On the news I heard women saying some marched to get "equal pay for equal work".
The Equal Pay Act of 1963 made it illegal to pay men and women different wage rates for equal work. It was signed into law by President John F. Kennedy on June 10, 1963.
In January 2009 Obama signed the Equal Pay for Equal Work Bill. It's on the Democrats' list of Obama's accomplishments.
In 2016 Hillary Clinton ran for president. On her agenda was a promise to provide equal pay for equal work. "It's time to have wage equality once and for all," Hillary Clinton said.
And in 2017 women are still marching for equal pay.
What am I missing?[unsure]

Carlos Ponce

"Yes, I'm angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. But I know this won't change anything. We cannot fall into despair. " - Madonna
Madonna says her words about "blowing up the White House" were taken out of context. You be the judge.
My assessment - When Madonna says something -WHO CARES???
In her heyday, many thought of her as a "Blonde Bimbo." Nothing here to change their minds.

Jim Forsythe

Grass root movements start small and grow. You may not understand why they marched, but it was important for many, not just the one's that marched.
"Carmen  17, explained how “afraid” , she is now that Donald Trump, 70, is our nation’s 45th President of the United States as of Jan. 20  2017. “On a more personal level, I’m really afraid to not have rights to birth control and abortions, because as a young woman, that’s something that will personally affect me in the next four years,” she admitted.
As you may know, one of Trump’s many controversial plans as president, is to defund Planned Parenthood and end Obamacare. Without Planned Parenthood, women’s reproductive rights will take a massive hit — Birth control and abortions will be harder to access, leaving the fate of our future generation’s decisions hanging in the balance. And, if Trump officially ends Obamacare, millions of Americans could lose their healthcare. Without Obamacare, insurance companies would no longer cover birth control with no copay. Not to mention, millennials under the age of 26 won’t be guaranteed coverage under their parents’ health plans.
“It’s really scary to be living in a country run by a guy who doesn’t respect me or my body or my rights as a human being,” Carmen said. “I’m just really afraid of all of this.” This is so sad. But, Carmen’s fear didn’t stop her from getting out and marching on in NYC with her brother and mother. “I don’t think there was much of a choice [than to march],” her brother Ezra said, adding that, “It felt very necessary to do this.” And, thousands upon thousands felt the same way."
Events coming up
The theme for International Women’s Day, 8 March, 2017, focuses on “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50:50 by 2030”. 

George Croix

Good article...except 'rabble' is much less descriptive word than I'd choose...but, I also don't run a family newspaper.....[sad]

Jim, there should be a pretty wide line between 'protest' and just plain being blithering nitwit stupidly gullible..........
The poor dear you cited is 'afraid'....??? Wonder what her future 'choices for convenience' might think about who should be 'afraid'....given the chance......
I think some of this 'protesting' is genuine concern, and a whole lot of it is the common mindless go-along rather than think for self......
Who new that a generation or more would come along more concerned with getting an abortion than with getting a good job......
Let them pay for their own 'choices', and those jobs will become more important......

Some of them think that's 'mean'.....I don't care......

Jim Forsythe

My post was a answer to David's question "All the women marching for women's rights?"
"Jim, there should be a pretty wide line between 'protest' and just plain being blithering nitwit stupidly gullible."....
What some consider as being not with the program, others understand why they are upset !
Marching for the vote  the Woman Suffrage Parade of 1913." Who was upset about this show of power ? Was it the men?
The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom took place in Washington, D.C., on August 28, 1963. Attended by some 250,000 people, it was the largest demonstration ever seen in the nation's capital(at the time), and one of the first to have extensive television coverage  Who was upset about this show of power ?
1969: Millions march in US Vietnam Moratorium
Americans have taken part in peace initiatives across the United States to protest against the continuing war in Vietnam.The Peace Moratorium is believed to have been the largest demonstration in US history with an estimated two million people involved.  Who was likely upset about this show of power ?
Taxpayer March on Washington On September 12, 2009,
Using the counts of those in attendance, the march may  been the largest conservative protest ever held in Washington, D.C., as well as the largest demonstration against President Obama's administration to date. Who was upset about this show of power ?
The people that did not think these acts were important, more  than likely, were not involved in these movement's.
The next step is more women are going to become more proactive, vote more and run for offices.

Leon Lion

In all those marches you described above how many carried obscene signs, shouted obscene remarks, gave obscene hand gestures and made threatening speeches all in front of children? [censored]

George Croix

This is 2017...Suff-rage is long past...suff-ering is all the rage now.....
Victimism is in.....a collection of totally nutty 'celebrities' giving harangues about Nazism and Facism while themselves getting millions to caterwaul or pretend to be someone else amounts to pretty much a lowest common denominator for having sense enough to poor body waste water out of a boot....imho....
I just wonder how anyone able to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time can believe any of that ridiculous...stuff.....
It's very 'progressive'....

George Croix

Just read this:
"Madonna defended her fiery speech about President Donald Trump on Sunday, saying her words were “taken wildly out of context.”

Gotta love it...all that energy expended then end up eating crawfish anyway....[lol][rolleyes]

Concerned Granny

President Trump will indeed have a wild ride but more importantly the Congress will see something the likes of which we haven't seen in a long time, a president who is fed up with the lack of representation of ALL the people. President Obama castigated everyone who did not agree with him and he condoned the very destructive behavior you described and that is why that rabble continue today with their mayhem but there is a new sheriff in town and I hope respect for the law and justice for all returns to America.

Jarvis Buckley

Madonna is now obviously the
Voice of the main stream media
& the DNC. We are now a one party system. Dems. No more.

Jim Forsythe

Our three parties are alive and well. Republican's , Democrat's, and
Madonna was just one speaker, and not a spokesperson for all . Below is her speech in whole.
"Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House, but I know this won’t change anything. We cannot fall into despair. As the poet W.H. Auden wrote on the eve of World War II: ‘We must love one another or die. I choose love’.”
“I spoke in metaphor and I shared two ways of looking at things — one was to be hopeful, and one was to feel anger and outrage, which I have personally felt. However, I know that acting out of anger doesn’t solve anything. And the only way to change things for the better is to do it with love.”
Madonna concluded the post by saying, “It was truly an honor to be part of an audience chanting ‘we choose love.’"

George Croix

I as wrong about the chances for an Independent to win the White House....
One just did....[innocent]

The only way she spoke in metaphor was if the metaphor was crammed up her ask me again later....[whistling]

Doyle Beard

another was Judd. what the hell was she on?

Carlos Ponce

George Soros financed 56 of the women's groups who marched and/or demonstrated in Washington. I think we all knew that before it was reported.

Carlos Ponce

"Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 ‘partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington - What is the link between one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors and the Women’s March? Turns out, it’s quite significant"

Jim Forsythe

"The website for an organization calling itself Demand Protest made its mission pretty clear: “When your strategy demands paid protest, we organize and bring it to life.” Billing itself as a group that generated the “appearance of outrage” on behalf of left-wing causes, the existence of Demand Protest became an attractive story for many right-wing media outlets. The group, it appeared, was proof that dissent against Trump was manufactured by shady leftist organizations, and could be lucrative: one Backpage.com ad placed in Demand Protest’s name promised a full-time job that paid a $2,500 retainer, plus $50/hr., and benefits.
It was the perfect story to share, if you’re inclined to believe that anti-Trump protesters must be getting paid to be there. Something to that effect has long been in the canon of largely unsubstantiated rumors circulating on the Trump Internet. A well-known fake news writer even fabricated an “interview” with a protester who said he was paid $3,500 to protest at a Trump rally — a story that was shared on Twitter by Trump’s then-campaign manager. And like that made-up story, it also appears that Demand Protest is a made-up group, one that fooled quite a few news sources before being dramatically debunked on-air by Tucker Carlson" (Tucker McNear Carlson is an American political news correspondent and conservative) .

George Croix

There's no such person as George Soros...he's fake news made up by Republicans to make Hillary look bad........again......[whistling]

And all those protesters are REAL believers and used their own money to come from hither, thither, and yon just to engage in meaningful, thoughtful dissent...like Ashley Judd, for instance........[whistling][whistling]

Soulless Jackal

Randy Chapman

Must have been a lot of folks calling in sick to their jobs to protest that .....ah never mind. Most likely the taxpayers are supporting them.

Jim Forsythe

Most Federal employees were given the 20th off in DC., some held over to the 21st from the 20th. The one I know that went to Austin,do not work on Saturday's.

margo holst

So how do you explain all the bad behavior after championship wins in basketball and football seasons? More Democrats?

Randy Chapman

Bingo! We have a winner!

Charlotte O'rourke

Carlos, "On the news I heard women saying some marched to get "equal pay for equal work".
.... continued with historical references .....
"And in 2017 women are still marching for equal pay. What am I missing? "

You are missing the fact that according to statistical data and personal knowledge women are still paid less for the same job.

Instead of ASSUMING - that women were PAID to attend this march or that the women are uniformed about wages, or whatever else someone is assuming - the GDN should INTERVIEW women from our area that attended this peaceful march and ask for THEIR viewpoint.

Personally, I did not care for the use of inappropriate language, but this does not negate nor diminish the message of civil rights, equal rights, equal pay, free speech and assembly, and concern for our country.

I also did not care for the reference to blowing up the White House, but was not deliberately obtuse and try to make it a literal statement for political points as Ms. Conway tried to do - especially when it was followed by a "love" is needed statement by the speaker.

Last, Trump is a non-establishment Republican candidate. That COULD be a good thing. Instead of worrying about CROWD size and whether he won the POPULAR vote and creating "Alternative Facts"' the President should be given the advice to LET IT GO.

These things are not important.

Unify the country. Americans that voted for you or against you and may disagree on a specify policy are NOT the enemy. We are Americans first.

The enemies are the individuals that hacked emails, tried to discredit and influence our election process, and continues to divide the country with propaganda.

Carlos Ponce

So equal pay for equal work laws signed by Democratic Presidents John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama were all show and no substance. So much for the list of Barack Obama's accomplishments.[innocent]

George Croix

The damage was done by what was IN the emails, not because somebody hacked them....
No fire, no smoke....
if you find and read your spouse's diary and it's full of fishing trip data or casserole recipes or new truck reviews or dress sales....no problem.
Read it and find it full of professed love with some graphic illustrations for somebody else...full of secrets that you've been lied to about...that's not good.
Shouldn't have read that diary in the first place...but, the damage is the deed(s), not the read(s).....
Otherwise, it amounts to 'no matter what they did' it's OK as long as nobody finds out...which I personally figure is why all the phony baloney blame the Russians for the loss obfuscation.....
The Rooskies should be punished if they or anyone else tries to and does hack into our systems. But, there's a ??? in if they actually released the info on Hillary and Podesta's lies and two facedness (recall, the USA intelligence community members were put at risk by Hillary's 'extremely careless with her home-brew secret server and her aids' flippant handling of classified materials and even NON-cleared people like Sid Blumenthal having access to national secrets - known as espionage) - is it so hard to believe that people at risk by a career political hack wold set her up then blame it off on a logical and foreign suspect???
No....it's not....may not be it hapopened that way, but easy to see how it could be.... there's certainly a lot of newfound unusual unity among normally highly competitive intelligence agencies on the subject.....and their collective boss changed his story more often than his underwear....nearly......

But, 'The Russians Made Hillary Lose' is a perfect out to excuse a serial lying 30 year political hack who was as likable as Trump and on top of that as competent as her former boss....and who'd rather take trips to Bali and dance in a sarong than provide begged for security to endangered consulate personnel....endangered to death.......


They got Capone for income tax evasion....
If there's any justice at all that makes the Mighty as subject to law as the Little, Hillary will get taken down by the results of her own hubris, chicanery, and dishonesty......

One might ask why donations to The Foundation and the Global initiative are drying up, if it was all about charity......

Charlotte O'rourke

If information is stolen, the perpetrator is at fault and not the victim. Clinton made a significant mistake in using a personal server. But so have other Secretaries of State. If the government or Trump gets hacked in the future, should President Trump be indicted for what was ON that server or IN those emails?

The question is should indictments occur because the VICTIMS were hacked or had POOR judgement?

The FBI obviously didn't think so and couldn't find evidence to indict.

Securing data is complex and before the emails were released, the FBI couldn't say for sure whether Clintons server was hacked.

Sophisticated - whoever did it. The US intelligence agencies say Russia. I'm inclined to believe the intelligence agencies (not Russia) unless it can be proven otherwise.

Trump needs to allow the CURRENT investigations to continue, and give support to the agencies that protect our country and national security.

Again, the enemies are NOT AMERICAN victims, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or women and men who want their voices heard or have differences on American policy.

The enemy is whoever hacked the emails and tried to destroy our democracy and the integrity of our voting system!

Charlotte O'rourke

America has made headway with civil and equal rights, but we still have improvements to make and goals to achieve. As a person that understands history, you know that laws are NOT always followed. In fact throughout our history, laws are sometimes deliberately NOT followed.

We have the 15th amendment in 1870 (and poll taxes, literacy tests, etc to keep people from voting) and the voting rights act in 1965, but still states and individuals have tried to limit African Americans and others from voting.

Women didn't get the right to vote until fifty years later in 1920.

I don't think any of these important laws and constitutional amendments are just for show!

George Croix

No, NO other Sec of State has used a private, homebrew server...
That 'significant mistake', being careless in handling confidential/secret information, is called espionage when anybody else does it...ask Petreus how successful he was claiming a mistake....better yet, ask a sailor doing time for an inadvertent background view of secret equipment in a photo of himself.
Above the law is what's supposed to happen in banana republics.....

We're not discussing stealing a car or a bike or a purse...the issue is improper handling of state secrets in such a manner that it was POSSIBKE for them to be stolen....failure to control state secrets is espionage, just as much as spying....the person who LETS them get stolen is guilty...just as the thief is....
That is the law.....unfortunately set aside by politics...still...or, actually, so far.......and, maybe, permanently.
Not prosecuting is not a verdict of innocent...it's not prosecuting, for whatever reason.....yet.....
If Pres. Trump sets up a secret homebrew server in his basement bathroom and sends government secrets to it, a system like Hillary's that the FBI said has less actual security features than Target has for it's customer's data, and it get's hacked and he's found out I hope they impeach him and them put him under a jail....

it is also not true that the FBI found no evidence to indict...Comey gave a 15 minute speech on national TV where he laid out in detail LOTS of reasons to indict....in fact, just calling her actions 'extremely careless' meets the statute requirements.....again, choosing not to indict is not the same as not guilty....Comey said no reasonable prosecutor would take the case..... coincidentally after his boss the AG met what was supposed to be secretly for over a half hour with Bill Clinton....
Let any other lawyer pull a stunt like that, and they'd be disbarred...but, she was lucky to work for a guy who had skin in this game, and was complicit in it, by virtue of KNOWING there was email hanky panky - and participating in it, too....
that could still come back and do some haunting...not likely...but could....
The DNC talking points on the subject are exactly as believable as the ones they put out about fair treatment of Bernie Sanders...how did that work out for Bernie...?
How sophisticated is it to give a guy...Blumenthal...access to classified info when he has no security clearance...or, worse, Weiner.....it's ranges from willful to stupid....but not yet criminal until a grand jury, never yet empanelled, is.....
The enemy IS whoever does wrong by our country...from without OR from within....
As good Americans., we all should not want information treated casually or lie repeatedly about it and try to cover up (Bleach Bit is not used accidentally...by mistake...)...info that can get people killed or at best cause great disruption.....no matter whether it's a ditchdigger or a career politician doing it...male or female...rich or poor.....
Somebody besides just the Russians, who've been in a propaganda war with the US for about a century, needs to be sanctioned or go to jail on this one...
That includes several aids and co-conspirators....

For my first witness, I call...you...[beam][beam]
"In fact throughout our history, laws are sometimes deliberately NOT followed."


Charlotte O'rourke

Colin Powell explanation of using a personal computer and email account without going through state department server. Is Powell guilty of espionage? Surely not! If Comey found reason for indictment of Clinton, then where is it? According to Comey, no prosecutor would bring a charge. We don't have all the facts. Government had the facts. No indictment. So let's move on.


George Croix

Ms. O'rourke, of course.....IF anyone obtained state secrets/classified information from Powell's use of a laptop and personal email ACCOUNT (not the same thing as building a deliberately secret homebrew server hidden in one's home basement bathroom....) then, YES, he most certainly would be guilty of failure to control that type information...espionage...
Is there any evidence that happened?
Is there any evidence Hillary did it by the dozens/hundreds/more and lied about it, repeatedly...yes, in fact including the very highest level of secret info......
Note the difference.
Ms. O'Rourke, Dir. Comey said on national TV, for all to hear who could listen, which anyone wanting to can look up and see for themselves, that Hillary Clinton was 'extremely careless' in handling state secrets/classified information, and had that stuff on an unapproved, non-government sanctioned private email server.
THAT is the evidence.
The FBI still HAS the evidence, plus a lot more since then....their leader, Comey, put in a very bad place by his dishonest boss the AG and a POTUS not exactly thrilled about his role in it all if it went to trial, declined to recommend indictment, and the totally political AG left it up to him...the reason for that is quite clear, too...Never asked by the media, most of it, was what the heck is the FBI director doing deciding whether anyone is indicted or not...that's not their job..
But, so many simply 'don't care what she did'.
That's a fact.
SO, I agree...let's move on.
Let's move on to getting a Grand Jury, give THEM the exact same FBI data, as should have been done in the first place, as it would have been, for anyone else, and see where we go without the White House and the dishonest AG pulling a stunt with a suspects HUSBAND to dump it all in Comey's lap, where it never should have been left, and never would have for anyone else but Hillary....the ONLY hope for a legacy not being tossed out......
There is no statute of limitations on the potential charge, so there's no' let's just hope it goes away', unless Pres. Trump intervenes on Hillary's behalf and sets up roadblocks in front of soon-to-be AG Sessions.
That very well may happen.....
Would not surprise me....sorta like Ford pardoning Nixon....

Thanks for the link, but, it has nothing at all to do with what Hillary did that was criminal.
Again, using a private email account for non-classified work or correspondence is not anywhere on the same planet or even universe with building up a poorly secured private secret server in one's own home and routing secret government documents to it, and in the end that same material ending up on a sexual pervert's laptop, shared by the #1 aid of the repeatedly-lied-about-it-all Hillary.....
I suppose telling us "Don't worry, the server was guarded by the Secret Service so couldn't have been hacked' should have said enough, but, noooooo.......[smile]

People happy to excuse her no matter what simply do not care about facts...they have their own 'truth'.....

Charlotte O'rourke

George, we know what Powell claims .... no classified emails ... just like what clinton said.

His computer and his email COULD have been hacked.

No one obtained or investigated Powells computer or emails, and no one leaked any information or emails. Even if they did find classified information or he was hacked, I don't believe that is

It is obvious someone wanted Clinton to lose.

Intelligence says Russia.

Careless behavior is not espionage.

No one condones or excuses mishandling classified information, and I hope the government locked down this issue with appropriate controls and policies.

Just my opinion - without knowing all the relevant facts.

I'm sure we will have much more to discuss as the current investigation unfolds.

Carol Dean

I wish I could take credit for this observation in regards to the protests on Saturday, but I can't.

The truth of the matter is that it really had nothing to do about women but had everything to do with promoting liberalism.

George Croix

Yes, ma'am...
And considering what a liar Hillary was about the stuff on her server, when she NEW better, that, maybe Powell should be investigated, too....as there seems to have been a little back-and-forthing about who said what when between him and Hillary's bunch...
Powell is nothing special to me anymore than anyone else holding or having held such a job...
Ma'am, I don't make the rules, and the Espionage Act has a bit more to say about what it constitutes than the common terminology in Websters about spying.....it really does include failure to safeguard state secrets/classified materials...extremely careless behavior, also called gross negligence, l when handling same....just says it in a fancier manner than some old Piney Woods stomper does....If you don't believe it, look up the federal law and read it yourself....

Intelligence said WMD in Iraq...more than a few old bombs and chemicals...enough that even Hillary and Kerry voted to authorize force in Iraq under Bush.....
And it's Intelligence that got their business plastered all over the place by Hillary and her aids and advisers, and some of their operatives exposed....
I didn't know the relevant facts, either, till Comey told us on TV, then punted for politics, then I decided to see how he managed to get around the law....
Same way our ex-Pres. did - just went ahead and did it......

Personally, I'd rather it all went away, rather than ignite another poop storm, as Hillary losing to Trumo has to be as bad a punishment as living with Bill Clinton....
But if one can get away with it just for being a Presidential candidate, while others go to jail or get their jobs taken away and reps ruined, then it will be rearing it's head more often down the road.....
I may have a little bit of personal bias in the game, having witnessed so many, many liars get away with scamming for money, right here locally, and am pretty well tired of lying being a rewarding thing to do......

I have NO doubt Putin wanted Hillary to lose - you may recall how she, as Sec of State, was a leader in trying to get Putin's rivals to win the election there in 2011, and also the utterly botched 'Russian reset'.....

George Croix


Second time on that one, but it's to be expected to make errors for a

Soulless Jackal

Charlotte O'rourke

George, as armchair prosecutors with no law degrees, I'm having a hard time seeing your argument to prosecute under the espionage act.

In the other cases you mentioned, the person deliberately gave classified information to a third party without authoritization.

In Clinton's case (and anyone else that sent an unsecured email and NOT through the secured state department site), she sent and forwarded information to/from HER STAFF.

So ... where does the espionage act state that sending emails through an unsecured network to your own staff is ESPIONAGE? I read the law .... didn't see it!

It is impossible for me to make this logic leap based on the law as written. The laws and controls obviously need to be changed, but to jail EVERYONE that may have sent an unsecured email - not fully understanding the implications .... I just can't make that leap to ESPIONAGE and deserving JAIL time.

On another topic, women make 20% less than men for the same job. African American women make even less compared to men.

President Trump campaigned on resolving this unequal pay issue as well as affordable healthcare for all and jobs.. three important things I can agree on.

Let's hope it becomes more than campaign promises as many women are the sole financial support of their family.

And George from our discussions I have determined that you are never wishy/washy or flip on an issue - unlike many politicians.

Doyle Beard

Hillary signed on saying she understood

Charlotte O'rourke


Did Trump sign he understood too?

"Apparently like just about every other aspect of his presidency thus far, he’s doing it his way in the end – a decision that could well provoke a new conversation around security after an election plagued by hacking concerns."

Carlos Ponce

"Did Trump sign he understood too?"
He doesn't have to sign an NDA (nondisclosure agreement). Only those he appoints and their staffs have to. There is no indication he is using his Android to send Classified Information. The president has the power to classify or de-classify, to release previously classified material. And he can appoint others to do likewise as GW Bush did with Colin Powell.

Charlotte O'rourke


I agree that there is no indication/evidence that he is sending/receiving/verbally discussing classified information ON HIS UNSECURED phone.

I would feel much better if everyone had learned a lesson about using more secure devices.

Still LOL.

Carlos Ponce

Asking "Did Trump sign he understood too?" is like asking why a school principal did not not have a hall pass in his own school. Inane.

Jack Cross

Good Article......BUT, there is nothing new here. These rioting protests have been going on all along. The Ferguson, rioting, and the Trump protest were many of the same people, financed by the same people, mostly George Soros. The burn,destroy and pay not price. The same characters. Look at Al Sharpton stirring thing up in Ferguson and with the Duke LaCross boys. Then he is rewarded meeting with Obama in the White House many times and appointed as Obama's point man on civil rights. Then you have Black lives matter, who Obama met with and Hillary supported. Our own leaders have been encouraging this kind of lawless behavior. Like him or not, I don't think you will see president Trump embracing this kind of lawlessness.

Charlotte O'rourke


Obviously, the government should change the rules and provide EDUCATION if the president is still using his UNSECURED phone and things like his twitter account.

No wonder it was reported that his aides are concerned.

Disaster waiting to happen. His twitter account has already been hacked previously. Now he is the POTUS.

National security and financial market implications ... but sure just like a hall pass. Inane.


Carlos Ponce

The president is briefed on security protocol.

George Croix

Clear to me.
The problem was not sending poorly or not at all secured emails, it was sending poorly or unsecured CLASSIFIED INFORMATION including Top Secret and even higher, Special Access. That was the main basis for extremely careless. Failure to control the information. Not keeping it secure. Consider that the FBI found classified info from that bunch on Anthony Weiner's laptop - not much security there, but extremely careless to have your classified info end up copied to a pervert's laptop.....as one instance. On top of that advisor Blumenthal had no clearance at all and POTUS had refused to even allow hiring the guy.

At my job in the refinery there was a lot of information I handled that had to be certain eyes only. If I put it where anyone could get a look at it I was not doing my job - I would be extremely careless in handling the info by not keeping it secure. If it actually got out I could be fired, at best...🤕

Well, although it should, it's pretty highly unlikely that the guilty will ever suffer more than indigestion, if that.
If you or I did the exact same things we'd be having this exchange from adjacent jail cells...
Equal justice for all except the ones more equal....

On other matters I fully expect by next week Pres. Trump will be found to have appointed a KGB sleeper to replace Dir Comey, have ordered the removal of all American flags from D.C., and instituted the death penalty for writing unflattering news articles......the internet rumor mill is so unfixable and near psychotic with hysteria
Maybe if we gave the agreived all a juice box sand a trophy they'd settle down.. ...
Maybe Pres. Trump will learn to let it go...

Charlotte O'rourke

The security protocol training or core educational material doesn't appear to have been adequate!!!!!!!!

When Trump was hacked in 2013, he claimed twitter would become obsolete if the accounts were so EASILY hacked.

Since a Trump tweet can cause a billion dollar 🤑 fall in the financial market -
I will continue to be scared .... and say I'm scared.

Here's hoping for improved cyber security methods promised in the election cycle.

Thanks for the discussion Carlos. Catch you next time.

Gary Scoggin

I thought Hillary Clinton lost. Why are you guys still beating up the email issue?

George Croix

Can't speak for anyone else Gary but I'm still talking about it because she' s getting away with what would put you or me in jail.
Losing an election is not a punishment for crime, and it's possible that the definition of reasonable prosecutor has changed or soon will.....unlikely, but possible.....
It is, of course, of no importance to any who voted for Hillary 'no matter what she did'..... just like the 4 dead guys inBenghazi didn't matter as much as the 2012 election....
Nixon got kicked out of office for a LOT less.....

Charlotte O'rourke

Double standards and failure to protect the nations security in a uniform and non partisian way, and the recent hacking by the Russians to influence our election is a grave concern to our country's safety and welfare.

Over the last election cycle it was hammered home that our elected officials need to take care of classified information and use secure devices.

Use of private servers for classified information allows loopholes in the FOIA and poses extra security risks.

Everyone but Clinton seems to be off the hook because only the democrat's information was hacked and RELEASED. The Republicans and other democrats were probably also hacked, and it makes me wonder and worry what type of information can be held over the heads of our politicians.

In the meantime, our president is allegedly using an unsecured phone which poses a security risk.

Irony ... irony comes in many forms, and this is a perfect example. Preach cyber security but only for others do the rules apply.

BTW, even the NSA has been hacked. But I don't hear anyone claiming GROSS NEGILENCE for failing to secure classified information.

Standards start at the top, and it is clear that cyber security is not a top priority if the top guy (president) breaks the I.T. Security Rules.

Just saying - national security should be bigger than politics!


Carlos Ponce

"...Russians to influence our election is a grave concern to our country's safety and welfare."
It had no effect on the outcome.
". The Republicans and other democrats were probably also hacked, and it makes me wonder and worry what type of information can be held over the heads of our politicians. "
Yes the Republicans were hacked but there was nothing of consequence found, just routine business. Nothing CLASSIFIED was in there.
Was NSA information on a government or private server in a bathroom????

George Croix

Ms. O'rourke does the NSA have a server system hidden in a private residence in a basement bathroom, do ya reckon... 😄
If as has happened the sophisticated systems of the NSA have been breached what chance do you think there is that a box of home brew was not opened - besides the FBI cracking it, which came AFTER the Bleach Bit so we have ZERO IDEA what she really had wiped 'you mean like with a cloth' . I don't know but there are no reports I can dig up saying the MSA ever used Bleach Bit or deleted any yoga schedules and cookie recipes with it.
BTW you'll recall it was Hillaryherself who sent the memo to her direct reports about computer security then excluded herself from her own directive.....again with the above it all attitude and better than others disdain.
I heartily agree with the importance of the cyber security issue for ALL to treat properly
and ALL held to the same standards.....
I hope the lesson learned is not to do such self-serving and harmful stuff and does not simply become a lesson in who cares because you can get away with it

Charlotte O'rourke

Why are you guys obsessed with the location of a server? It doesn't impact the security set up?

Always political without looking at the big picture. I expect it!

Carlos Ponce

"Why are you guys obsessed with the location of a server? It doesn't impact the security set up?"
You MUST be joking, Charlotte, if you don't understand this. I most certainly does impact the security (or in this case LACK OF) set up.

Jim Forsythe

Welch confirmed his former company kept its servers in the bathroom closet.
He said: 'The space that we had our office was essentially designed as a residential unit… the bathroom connected to the master closet and that's what we retrofitted as a server room ,(which would include humidity controls). Typical server room humidity would be above 35% and below about 60%.

Best way to introduce humidity is a steam generating canister. This is the most clean way to produce steam and you can throw away the canister when it gets fouled up
Meanwhile, if humidity is too low, data centers can experience electrostatic discharge (ESD), akin to giving someone a shock after shuffling along a carpeted floor in stocking feet. That sort of event can shut down electronic equipment and possibly damage it.
But some people in the industry think that range is too narrow and restrictive, and ASHRAE should expand the boundaries of what is recommended. ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) ASHRAE did say that a range between 20% and 80% is "acceptable," but still recommended the 40% to 55% range

Carlos Ponce

Government servers are not physically available to John Q. Public. They are physically in climate controlled environments, no bathroom with higher humidity levels.They have electrical backups.
Let me put it as simply as I can:
Placing a serve with classified data in a restroom is BAD, BAD, BAD.
I hate to sound condescending but apparently someone does not understand.

Carlos Ponce

Hillary first claimed her servers were in her home in Chappaqua, New York (anther Hillary Lie). Instead it was in the bathroom of a Denver loft apartment.
Why there? Perhaps it was closer to cleaning supplies so she could WIPE it clean.[wink]

Charlotte O'rourke

I wonder if the humidity, wipes, etc, impacts the security of the unsecured or secured phone if it takes a trip to the bathroom.

I'm not talking about anything but security authentication protocols and setup.

The computer was hacked .... not inundated with moisture !!!!!!!

Clinton is guilty of poor judgement on this issue ..... not ESPIONAGE! And not gross NEGILENCE.

If you don't understand that an unsecured phone has security implications of location, recording conversations etc. I can't help you.


Carlos Ponce

"But homemade email servers are generally not as reliable, secure from hackers or protected from fires or floods as those in commercial data centers. Those professional facilities provide monitoring for viruses or hacking attempts, regulated temperatures, off-site backups, generators in case of power outages, fire-suppression systems and redundant communications lines."
The moisture could interfere with any safety protocols the server had installed.
If you cannot understand the sheer lunacy of installing a server in an apartment restroom, I can't help you. I've explained it as simply as I can and you still don't get it.

Jim Forsythe

Because the equipment ( computers and phones can handle) a range between 20% and 80%, which is "acceptable. Phones do have a little less tolerance.

Charlotte , you are right as it was in a controlled area . No issue with the location, as far as the humidity.

Carlos Ponce

"Recommended Computer Room Humidity
Relative humidity (RH) is defined as the amount of moisture in the air at a given temperature in relation to the maximum amount of moisture the air could hold at the same temperature. In a data center or computer room, maintaining ambient relative humidity levels between 45% and 55% is recommended for optimal performance and reliability."

Charlotte O'rourke

AND the implications of the Russian hacking hasn't been FULLY assessed yet.

The public is still awaiting results of the investigations.


Charlotte O'rourke

We are talking at cross purposes. READ again what I originally wrote in QUOTES.

"Use of private servers for classified information allows loopholes in the FOIA and poses extra security risks."

Others have set up private email servers (room location unknown 🤐) for SENIOR GOVERNMENT WHITE HOUSE STAFF AND OFFICIALS. No one should condone this - regardless of party affiliation- for many of the reasons you outlined below.

But bathroom location versus other room location is not the issue in Clintons hacking.

These private servers including clintons, the RNC, and the DNC were hacked. Use of PRIVATE email servers for senior White House staff and cabinet members ARE the issue and should not be allowed in case classified information was inadvertently sent or received.

Instead of fixing this issue across the board.

I see a ...

DOUBLE STANDARD while continuing to use private email servers and to call for JAIL Time for Clinton for ESPIONAGE.

Politics as usual.

Carlos Ponce

Your lack of knowledge on the topic undermines your credibility. Have a nice life.[beam]

Charlotte O'rourke

In case you didn't open Newsweek article-private server use creating FOIA issue and since 22 million emails missing during Bush administration.. I don't think Bush committed ESPIONAGE either.

I do think all of these officials are not following the premise that these are the public emails and subject to open records

"Like Clinton, the Bush White House used a private email server—its was owned by the Republican National Committee. And the Bush administration failed to store its emails, as required by law, and then refused to comply with a congressional subpoena seeking some of those emails. “It’s about as amazing a double standard as you can get,” says Eric Boehlert, who works with the pro-Clinton group Media Matters. “If you look at the Bush emails, he was a sitting president, and 95 percent of his chief advisers’ emails were on a private email system set up by the RNC. Imagine if for the last year and a half we had been talking about Hillary Clinton’s emails set up on a private DNC server?”

Jay Ewend

David M. good job SIR... 66 comments!!! I wonder what the record is? It reminds me of the good old days, with TJ Aulds... GDN policy... you could write anything you like and hide behind your keyboard.

George Croix

It's about failure to control classified information, not falure to control cookie recipes....
Personal basement bathroom....but not to worry it was secure because the door was latched and there were Secret Service guards out in the yard😉

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