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Randy Chapman

Thank you Laura! Common sense seems to be severely lacking at the County level. Lawsuits like this cost everyone, and solve nothing.

Jennifer Lawrence

Lawsuits are the downfall of this country. Lawyers are the only ones who win. I am truly dissapointed in this approach.

Kelly Naschke

Good commentary Laura. I think most readers would agree. I know I do. I was actually quite shocked to have read the initial article about this and will voice my disapproval in the next election. The current ring leaders need to move on down the road. The courts have turned into a circus.

Jim Casey

I agree with your editorial, largely for the reasons that you stated.

I also think that problems like drug abuse cannot be solved at the county level. Counties have no authority to regulate drug companies, doctors, or pharmacists. Patients in search of prescriptions can freely go to other counties, especially near the county lines.

I have to point out that prescription drugs are different from other items that people misuse and abuse: Prescription drugs are manufactured by only a few companies, and must be prescribed by physicians and dispensed by pharmacists, all of whom are licensed by the federal government or states.

They are in a position to know if the volume of opioids being dispensed in a community is excessive, and to perform their regulatory function.

- Seamus

Carol Dean

I hope that the ones of you who have agreed with Ms. Elder will take the time to vote for new leadership for Galveston County Government. Mark Henry and Ken Clark did not have enough faith in our current legal team, so Henry went outside the county and spent OUR money on attorneys to defend himself, thus charging all of us taxpayers an undo raise in our taxes. If the current attorneys are good enough to earn their salaries defending the county, then they should be good enough to serve our leaders.

Given free reign to hire anybody anytime might just lead us further into debt.

John Merritt

This is ridiculous. The county government needs to provide us with some roads outside of municipalities, some law enforcement with outside of municipalitiy jurisdiction, and some court for the law enforcement that they employ. They have too much money and are wasting too much money. We need to get rid of "Judge" Henry asap and try to get some common sense going in our county government.

Doyle Beard

Not Cox for sure.

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