Sometimes, things that do not happen are remarkable.

The fact that League City Mayor Tim Paulissen did not draw a challenger in the November election is one of those things.

It’s been awhile since League City has had a two-term mayor.

And, although it’s generally a good thing when voters have choices, League City needs some stability.

City Hall has a horrible — and richly deserved — reputation of running off competent people.

It’s had an endless stream of top administrators.

The best don’t make an issue of it.

They just leave.

Paulissen has been one of the quiet forces working against that trend.

A mayor’s chief power is in the power of the chair, and the tone of the council’s meetings has changed under Paulissen’s leadership.

People get their say — but they don’t get to endlessly bash.

He runs a crisp business meeting.

Paulissen has been a good mayor.

He’s involved in the community, showing up at countless events, showing that he — and by extension, the city’s elected leadership — cares.

He also understands and can articulate the city’s greatest challenges.

If you doubt that, ask him about what League City must do to ensure its water supply.

Few elected leaders have as good a grip on the details.

Under his watch, the city has accomplished a lot. It’s continued to grow. It’s cut its property tax rate. It’s completed an impressive renovation of City Hall. It’s invested in parks. And, it has made good plans for addressing the challenge of making sure everyone has water.

Paulissen has been a good mayor — not a perfect one.

His votes in support of the recent censure of Councilman Dennis OKeeffe and of an ill-considered resolution on immigration were disappointing.

Maybe that’s the price one pays for being an unopposed mayor in Galveston’s County’s largest city.

But, overall, Paulissen has been exactly what city government needs. He’s been steady.

 • Heber Taylor

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Miss Priss

He'd be even greater if he was not associated with Ken Clark. Probably everyone would trust him all on his own. That association pulls him down in many peoples eyes who think that he's actually a very good man.

Kathy Maddox

Got THAT right![beam]

Chuck DiFalco

I have known Tim for a long time. I helped his campaign for city council almost 10 years ago. What has impressed me about mayor Tim is his grasp of project and technical details required to make a city run smoothly. Certainly his experience on city council aided this talent. Also, once the details have been analyzed and finalized, Tim lets the staff implement the project. I’m expecting to be invited to the victory party, even though he didn’t draw an opponent this year :-)

--Chuck DiFalco

Jackson Hancock

Mr. Taylor,

You highlight just a few of the things that Mayor Paulissen and the NEW council has accomplished...forgot a big one about the paying down of the debt incurred in the past? Raising the homeowners exemption?

Also, knowing your left leaning tendencies, I have to ask. Do you think it is acceptable for an elected official to intimidate and threaten employees? What happened to the " No Bullying" stance that the left has been promoting. Is it ok for that elected official to intimidate and harass other elected officials? Is it ok for that elected official to physically assault another elected official at a meeting he was not invited to but showed up anyway? Is it ok for that elected official to threaten staff?

The reason why top administration would not stay was because of the former council and mayors using their positions as political tools made it impossible for employed staff to do their jobs.

Why not give a little credit to the new council and the Mayor who has created an atmosphere of professionalism and unity.... If you do, you can't really honestly believe that censuring O'Keefe was a bad thing. He deserved it. After all, 3 strikes, your out!

Thank you Mayor Tim and the rest of the council.

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