Beginning in Monday’s Galveston County Daily News, readers will once again find the official listings of the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.

This move by the Galveston County Commissioners Court is one which we applaud because we believe it is a great one for the people of our community on several fronts.

First, we all can appreciate the value of making sure our dollar goes as far as possible. In regard to the use of public money — your tax dollar — this is critical.

Being a good steward of the public’s money is one of the most important expectations we have of our governing bodies.

Second, one of the basic tenets of government is to be as transparent as possible.

Well, we think this new development hits both of these principals like no other we’ve ever seen.

In an innovative move, the Galveston County Commissioners Court and The Galveston County Daily News are working together to ensure that you, the taxpayer, are getting more value than ever with the investment of your dollar when it comes to the distribution of public notices.

Starting this week, you’ll find the complete listings of the current sheriff’s sale inside the print edition of The Daily News. This alone equates to more than 58,000 potential paid readers per day.

Add to that the fact that the listings will now be featured in two additional print publications from The Daily News, Island Neighbors and Mainland Messenger, and the total access will now be in excess of 100,000 potential print readers each issue.

And the best thing is the Commissioners Court and The Daily News are working together to make sure your tax dollar will return a dramatically higher investment than ever before.

Without spending any additional tax dollars, the residents of Galveston County may very well enjoy one of the most transparent and cost-effective investments by any county in Texas.

Simply put, this plan will dramatically broaden the reach of the sheriff’s sale notices while reducing the cost per reader to a fraction of any prior arrangement.

Oh, and did we mention listings are also now available — free of charge — to anyone who visits the website of The Daily News?

With more than 1.5 million page views per month, is the most highly-trafficked news and information resource in Galveston County.

Anyone with a smartphone or sitting at a free computer station at a nearby library can have access as well. Together, the Galveston County Commissioners Court and The Galveston County Daily News are working together to make access more widely available than ever before.

So, yes, we are excited to introduce this new and innovate approach to distributing the public’s business via The Galveston County Daily News.

We believe it is not only one of the most cost-effective arrangements by any county we’ve heard of, but also one of the most progressive and transparent uses of taxpayer dollars.

As readers, if you’ve any suggestions on how we can better serve you with these listings, please feel free to let us know. We are here to serve you.

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Miss Priss

Good! The commissioners court should never have yanked or threatened to in the first place.

I like how the paper has the mentality to approach this as a partnership with the local government - It's a fine example and more local businesses should follow the GCDN lead too albeit in other ways that apply to their industry.

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