The Daily News recommends these candidates for Galveston City Council in the May 10 election:

Mayor: Jim Yarbrough

This is a difficult job, requiring the leadership to build a consensus that includes at least a majority of Galveston’s many factions and the tact and diplomacy to avoid alienating even the sharpest critics. Jim Yarbrough has a long record in public life. Most people trust his judgment. He has the best chance of forming that coalition that will get Galveston moving in a better direction.

District 1: Cornelia Harris Banks

Cornelia Harris Banks has done a solid job representing her district. She deserves another term.

District 2: Craig Brown

What we hope Yarbrough can do for the city as a whole, Craig Brown has done at the Galveston Parks Board of Trustees. Under his quiet leadership, an agency that used to be a lightning rod for controversy has become an example of good, sensible efficient government. He’s effective and a peacemaker. The Galveston council could use both traits.

District 3: Kate Marx

Kate Marx, a newcomer, is a quick study with a strong background in accounting. Perhaps more than any other candidate, she conveys the message that she wants to do this job. The candidate has impressed us by focusing on bread-and-butter civic issues — roads, streets, general cleanliness — and by expressing a relatively broad vision in her proposed agenda. We think she also would be inclined toward coalition and consensus-building.

District 4: David Hoover

David Hoover has professional experience as a city planner — expertise the council could use as it sorts out its rules for permitting and development. He’s also avoided getting bogged down in the paralyzing discussion about rebuilding public housing, preferring to look ahead. Like others we have endorsed, we think Hoover would be inclined toward consensus and coalition and would focus on solving some of the those bread-and-butter civic issues facing the island.

District 5: Terrilyn Tarlton

Terrilyn Tarlton earns a second term on a couple of counts. First, she works to keep her constituents informed. No one works harder at that. She also was the first person in city government to raise the alarm about problems with the National Flood Insurance Program.

District 6: Carolyn Sunseri

Carolyn Sunseri has deep roots on the island and is a team player. Her campaign has focused on the needs of the West End, but not as a place that’s separate from the city as a whole. She also has stressed her willingness to work within the limits of the council-manager form of government. Like others endorsed here, we think Sunseri offers the best option for helping build a functional, effective council.

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JohnNagy1400 Staff
John Nagy

Awesome Carolyn!!

Miss Priss

And ladies and gentlemen.... That's the next city council.

Great endorsements!

George Croix

Quite a change to go Back to the Future on trolley tracks instead of in a DeLorean...

Ellen Morrison

Of course. I only agree with districts 5 and 6, which are obvious.

But seriously. The rest of the selections are hand-picked by the Kempners and the Moodys. Let's just keep being owned by rich people that don't care about us.

L' Ouest

I definitely think this would be a better combo for the City than what we have now. As a West Ender, I particularly would like to see Sunseri win.

Ron Shelby

I really like the rational behind these endorsements. There's a clear thread of cooperation running through. It would be a breath of fresh air.

Steve Fouga

The only surprise here is Hoover over Pappous. I really don't see how anyone can fault the job Norm Pappous has done, even the GDN. This tells me the endorsements were bought. Which also comes as no surprise.

I really, really, really hope that whomever we elect are able and willing to think for themselves. Cooperation in following the wrong path is a terrible thing.

Norman Pappous

Thanks Jake but it is no surprise. Read the questionnaires.

My opponent favors the mixed-income housing plan. All their candidates do.

Steve Fouga


Well, Mr Pappous, there's a silver lining: I know you're a staunch supporter of the Police Department (as all citizens should be). Rebuilding the tenements will give Chief Poretto solid rationale to expand his force.


Ellen Morrison

Also, Kovacs had David Hoover brought in for 3 months after Yarbrough's stint at economic development - for 1/2 the paycheck! JY got $10K/month, DH got $5K... never heard of any results from either.

Friday, July 6, 2012 12:00 am

By Laura Elder

GALVESTON — The island is taking another swing at employing an economic development director a position vacant since Jim Yarbrough’s contract ended in September.

The city on Monday hired David A. Hoover through a three-month professional services contract to work for City Manager Michael Kovacs as economic development directorconsultant.

The city will use 4B sales tax to pay Hoover $15000 for the three months. Kovacs doesn’t need the city council’s approval for professional services contracts worth $15000 or less.

Ellen Morrison

And Jake, I think Marx over McMorris was a bit of a slap in the face after all the things Ralph has done for the community.

Bill Broussard

I am surprised about Marx's endorsement and have to think that a yes vote for the housing question was a definite plus in the evaluations. Marx has picked up on the lexicon quickly but miss-represents her public service and is anything less than objective about when the TIRZ should begin to pay out and help us.

If she wins, we will have a person overseeing our taxes who does not pay taxes to the City. It seems that each election the squalor gets even more so.

To be fare, confusedemmey, I doubt the Moody's per se are very interested in Marx. More likely, Jimbo is for Marx because she rounds out that behind the scenes ticket of candidates he's running but after that, I'm not sure they care. Kempner, on the other hand, for sure would back Marx for several agenda reasons. Would not be surprised if someone close to them didn't write her Chamber and News answers.

An interesting tid bit: Last election, Rosen and Pappous got into a public argument. The Mayor's violent response was to two items Pappous said: 1) Rosen was not a Republican, he donated to the Democratic Party and 2) Rosen was a shill for Kempner. Rosen got indignant and was shouting his denials in a public place.

At the GAIN forum, Rosen and Kempner sat next to each other and looked pretty chummy.

After the last two years, are there any doubts Rosen is a shill? After the last two years, are there any doubts that Rosen is so dumb he may not even yet know he was a shill?

George Croix

An economic developement for one person.
That's a good deal for the one.
If it's worth 10 grand a month to accomplish nothing but a personal paycheck, what is the pay for actually producing economic developement on a bigger scale than for self?

Ellen Morrison

Well, looking at his campaign finance reports, I'd say pretty darn good.

Miss Priss

He did some good stuff in the background on the economic development .... You're about to find out about when he gets elected.

Linda Vaccaro

I personally, don't think it is right for any news media to show support for any particular candidate. I always thought news medias are supposed to be impartial. Or at least they should be! IMHO

Doyle Beard

Since when has the news media not tried o influence voting, I know for 60 years myself they have been doing. It truly is their job to put the information to voters and let the voter make their decision. when I say put out the info I mean in a non biased way which the meadia can never do.

George Lee

The daily gazette endorsements and the chamber of comedy are tripe, and reflect housing (vague, in support or silent) and are a cave-in to the ruling families. I was nauseated but not surprised at the choices. Nodding heads and puppets. Ignore them and elect intelligent, independent thinkers who will vote with integrity and knowledge. rosen and Robb were the primary sources of the animosity and childish behavior in the present council. Listen to Electric Theatre Radio Hour if you want in- depth interviews where they reveal their positions and views. Marx? Hoover? The paper and the chamber are in a parallel universe. Think for yourselves and do some research before you swallow this pablum!

Robert Young

The GDN has it right. I agree with Shelby.. I'm excited about the future for Galveston
as Yarbrough will be our next mayor. City entrance sign on the causeway should read, men at work, progress ahead! . The jewel of the Texas gulf coast is about to shine again.!

Jarvis Buckley

To not pick Norman is so very sad but so very predictable. Same with Big Jim, good guy but not the right person. As usual in our city , big money wins again...........Maybe........The people haven't spoke yet .

George Croix

Whoever wins has to stay a full term, don't they?
No cashing in and leaving the job early...[wink]

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