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Ellen Morrison

Gee, I don't seem to recall any newspaper coverage of the reappointment of these GHA Housing Commissioners.

I guess the Daily News only likes fanfare that it creates.

It is beneath you, Heber, to continually harangue the offending (to you) side in this battle.

I'm not sure if you are trying to keep the topic stirred up for circulation purposes, or if you are just that smug.

Steve Fouga

What I don't understand is that a project so obviously detrimental to the city is supported by the newspaper, the families, and the mayor -- against the wishes of the citizenry.

Is there really that much money to be made from the poverty industry? I guess there must be.

George Croix

Depending on who you are and who you know, yes, there is.
Unless you figure a 'unit' will REALLY cost an actual 275 grand, each, to construct.

Jarvis Buckley

Poverty business is very profitable for the connected. Very expensive for the taxpayers.
As for Heber, he's a good guy, but when you figure him out please let me know.

Nunya Bidnis

Is the housing projects the reason Galveston is so nasty behind the seawall? I just moved here and it sure doesn't look like the island paradise that it should be. Why are you housing the poor on a gorgeous island? I've heard Ball high is a nightmare for decent citizens because of this.

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