Shirley Fanuiel should resign from the La Marque school board.

A grand jury indicted her Thursday on a charge of felony theft. Fanuiel, who has been on the school board for 18 years, was not accused of doing anything wrong in her capacity as a trustee. The district attorney’s office said Fanuiel was accused of defrauding an 88-year-old La Marque man out of his house and an annuity.

An indictment is an accusation — not a conviction — and people who are charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Fanuiel has every right to fight those charges and to fight them vigorously. But she should fight them as a private citizen, not as a school district trustee.

The school district is fighting for its life and doesn’t need this distraction. A day before the grand jury returned the indictment, the Texas Education Agency appointed a conservator for the district.

The best scenario would be for Fanuiel to do the honorable thing and resign. If she does not, the school board should ask for her resignation.

Texas law does not have provisions for the recall of school trustees. It’s possible to argue that the indictment itself constitutes some kind of violation of school district policy. But the school board, if it were forced to remove her, would have to make that argument to a district court, which would decide whether Fanuiel would stay on the board.

It shouldn’t come to that. Fanuiel should resign. The school district should not be a part of this.

• Heber Taylor

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Robert Buckner

Nice thought Herber but LMISD trustees do not have a history of doing the "right thing".

Leonard T. Payne

I think her next move from LMISD should be TDC in Huntsville.


Huber said the LMISD board should do it's part in getting her to resign. Ahhhhhhahahhah!
Ahhhhhahahahahaah! This board? This board doing the right thing? Ahhhhhhhahahahha!
Just think for a minute back to the sixties, think about all the sacrifices made in the name of equality, and inclusion! People got disrespected and called vile unspeakable names,...people got spat on, beat-up, jailed and killed, in the name of equality and inclusion. Now, we have to watch this kind of soap opera after all that?
I personally participated in some of those incidents and sit-ins, and I can tell you they were not comfortable and highly risky! People died helping to ascertain the opportunities, we see being squandered before our very eyes, and I by no means am referring to just African-Americans either! If you study your history, you will find those perilous times and brave acts involved people of all colors. One such person was a young White housewife named Viola Fauver Gregg Liuzzo who was gunned down by the KKK near Selma Alabama for assisting civil rights efforts.
Poster "rukidden" asked on another thread, are those opportunities,... ( paid for with the blood, sweat, tears, and pain of other Americans ).. being taken advantage of? You be the judge. I'm disappointed, highly disappointed!

Joseph Cantu

Miracles do happen. I am praying for one for the good of the LMISD district.

Walter Manuel

There's absolutely no way that any of these board members will turn on their friend seeing how some of them work behind the scenes to get things done with fellow board members though most people never would know it.

Those board members know exactly who I'm talking about too while they sit as quiet as a church mouse in their seats knowing that their up to no good because someone else does their talking for them!

We all know who's all involved with creating this mess in the first place even though they attempt to hide in the shadows unnoticed....

These people really aren't smarter than a fifth grader! [wink]

Island Bred

Hell I might start going to the meetings again - now that perhaps they have someone there that will keep them out of the ridiculous "executive sessions". I hope they get rid of the reciting of the "rules"..............that to is the most asinine thing I have ever seen. Perhaps now the board can be "about the school and the folks that pay for it" rather than the "board"...............Faneuil????? I never like to kick a horses &*$# when they are down but I also never get in the way of Karma as it passes thru............I wish her well but I'm thinking all my wishes didn't help her "friend" keep his house or his money.

Paul Hyatt

Herb, if the LMISD board was about doing right then all of them would resign now so that LMISD could have a chance of recoving from their errors of judgements.... I don't see either of them happening....


Mr. Hyatt, you are not alone. They are going to ride it out to the end. When the state shut her down,...and these kids are gone to other districts,... we need to erect a plaque with all of their names on it in bronze with the district numbers they represented on it! That was Mr. Manuel's idea, but I wished I had thought of it!
I had a saying in Houston to crooks when I laid hands on them, and hauled them in. It went like this:

Robert Buckner

Still no resignation letter? Still no comment from Shirley or her attorney?

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