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John McLane

This group appears to have a leadership problem.

George Croix

Here's a thought:
premium quality epoxy floor coating can be had for about 150 bucks for a gallon.
A gallon goes a long way, IF you're spot using it.
If the pictures that have been posted are any good, then the worn places are in dispersed areas, spots, rather than wall to wall.
SO, rather than go on for months as with occassional reminders about how dangerous or unhealthy that is, how about hiring a handyman with an orbital disc sander and some 60 grit discs and give him a gallon or two of coating and put him to work repairing, at least temporarily but demontrably better tha nothing, the spots/areas, one at a time? Might take 60 days? So what, the story about it needing doing is older than that. AND, only one or two animals would need to be moved at a time, if you buy the quick-set, catalyzed epoxy.

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