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Mike Trube

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

There have been well meaning taxpayers who have approached the school board with offers of help and suggestions of way to help the school district out of this mess. But they were told "it's none of your business", "you don't belong here", and "when we want your help, we will ask for it." Oh wait, that is until they want your money. This school district will continue to spiral downward unless there is a total adjustment in the attitudes of the school board members. Having more money is not the solution. It's what to do with what you have, is. Just my opinion.


Contrary to what the writer says, there is one person who can save LMISD: Michael Williams, TEA's Commissioner. Putting aside the district's failing grades, dysfunctional school board, and woefully inexperienced teachers, the district's most serious problem is its declining enrollment. If enrollment does not dramatically improve in the next few years, the district is dead. And for enrollment to improve, parents this summer must decide to keep their kids in LMISD. Who here thinks that's going to happen? Are parents so impressed by Terri Watkins that they will remain in LMISD? Will a new school board convince parents to risk another year of their child's education on LMISD? Of course not. Everyone knows that this ship is sinking. And at this point no one wants to be the last rat left on the boat. TEA needs to step in ASAP and end this mess. Do we really need to wait another 2-3 years to see how this movie ends?

Walter Manuel

Your exactly right Miket55

Saturdays school board election will show everyone exactly what others are thinking about what that they are willing to do for LMISD. They will either bring about needed change on the school board in order to turn the dstrict around or they will choose to once again vote for their friend despite the all of the damage that their friend has done to the district and nothing good will change in LMISD.

Is LMISD in such bad shape that we are all supposed to believe and hope that Terri Watkins is the coming of the messiah that can resurrect the district from the dead with her "plan" that obviously like everything else in LMISD right now took lot's of people to create and will take a hell of a lot more people to initiate than the district has near the money to pay for?

If Terri Watkins is all of this like we're being led to believe, then why after 30 years of being in the business didn't GISD nor TCISD see her qualifications as fit for their superintendent when the occassion arose several times there? I guess when your on the bottom of anything, you have to take whatever you get.

If you like someone personally then just say so, but it's way too early to say that Terri is making a difference with her "plan" and the 21st Century Learning Center program will make a difference in grades. After 3-5 years when the grant money ends for this program will the district be able to financially keep it operating like TEA expects that they will? More than likely not, so this is just another band-aide for a wound that more than likely won't ever heal.

I've always said that we're more humane to our animals than we are to our humans, at least when an animal is sufferring we have options to end their sufferring. I suppose our school district is no different when it comes to people standing around watching our children's education suffer hoping that one day some life will come back into it even if that day never comes! [sad]

Mike Trube

This brings to mind the fact that the two candidates running against Councilman Osteen have mentioned what should be done, or what they would like to do to assist the school district out of this situation it is in. Sounds to me like both are running in the wrong race. They both should have run for a school board position. Because if either truly believes the city council can do anything, then they are so misinformed, that it scares me as to what else they think they can do if either one gets elected. We need to keep Mr Osteen on city council. I hope the voters will get out tomorrow and cast their ballots saying that very thing. And I also hope the voters will wise up and elect a new board member to the school board. That is where change is needed, not city council!

Walter Manuel

Desertbeachkid, you definitely hit the bulls eye!

As I've said before, LMISD will not change any time soon with the same losing players in place that got the district in this shape in the first place. A plan is only as good as the people who have the proven knowledge and experience that can make it work.

Parents are not so stupid that they aren't already making plans to transfer their child to another school district next year, seeing how no one has seen real results with all of the promises that have been made so far.

A child's education and their future is just too big of a risk to gamble one more day by trusting someone's possibly empty promises. [yawn]


Let's say La Marque voters put in place the best school board EVER. And La Marque parents step up and get involved in the district. Does anyone honestly think this will change anything? Will parents and students suddenly decide to stop fleeing LMISD and return because there's a new school board? Fat chance. Parents, if given the choice between an ACTUAL high-performing school and a POORLY performing school that MIGHT someday get better, will always, always chose the sure thing. Why would any parent take a chance on their kid's education? That's a dog that won't hunt. Ever.

Rather than running opinion pieces pleading with the people of La Marque to step up and support their district, I'd like to see this paper write an opinion piece that isn't about saving what is simply just a bureaucratic entity (LMISD) and focus instead on answering the question: What should be done to best educate the children of La Marque?

Walter Manuel

Again, very well stated Desertbeachkid [thumbup]


Yes parents are leaving LMISD, and I don't blame those parents who possess the perception and vision to recognize they need the change! You have to lookout for your own if nobody else is going to do so. If individuals are getting elected or paid to produce, and they are not performing up to expectations or beyond expectations,.. then they should be held accountable, and not coddled or supported for failing, like the ones at LMISD are now! These kids are not raving idiots, they can smell "FAKE" a mile off! They can recognize inferiority, or incompetency when they see it! These in themselves are very damaging qualities for the kids here to observe, day in and day out. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about,....so is it JUST ME,.....or maybe....it is a CON-SPI-RA-CY operating here! A big conspiracy to cheat and bamboozle these kids out of a competent,...deserved, and paid for, first class educational opportunity, just like all the other kids are exposed to around here!
If the ethnic makeup of the same board which is manufacturing, and facilitating below standards, non compliant educational opportunities to our kids now, were the opposite of what it is,....WE'D have an uproar of catastrophic proportions, right here, RIGHT NOW! Somebody named "X" might be down here on TV spewing divisive rhetoric all over the place,...men of religion would probably be preaching sermons about it every Sunday, urging voters to march,...& protest! This is how you separate the honest and Godly from the wicket and dishonest! When an individual can stand flat footed and call it like it is,...without reservation to politics, race, or money, folks ought to listen up!
The truth is we have forsaken these children, SOLD THEM LIKE SLAVES ON A MARKET BLOCK TO SLAVE MASTERS CALLED, MEDIORCRITY, INFERIORITY, and King Sports! We ought to be ashamed, some of us are, so we are screaming the loudest, trying to save as many kids as possible while others are still wanting to sell more slaves for the positions, and for the paychecks! Just what are our children worth anyway? Parents? What are your kids worth to you? Are they worth enough to move them somewhere where they will have a decent chance at a first class educational opportunity, which will aid them in ascertaining a good piece of the American Dream later? My parents could not move me because of poverty,and finances,....ohhhh, but I wished they had!
Let me say this, and this is the reason I'm so passionate about this thing,....our children are our most precious resource!! If you thought it was money,...shame on you! When an overwhelming amount of your seniors are labeled by the state as not being college ready, and you have community representatives championing, and swearing by the status quo, putting more credence on dead peoples names on buildings, and that old feeling of past Auld lang syne, juxtaposed to living kids, struggling in preparations to meet an angry society, I'd say something is gravely wrong and dysfunctional going on here! I think it has to do with character, or cultural flaws,and NOT ABOUT EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE!
Parents, culture will have nothing to do with your child when he/she is pushed out into a world which is demanding accountability from young people entering the job markets! Education and qualifications will! I use to hire and fire people and I can tell you I use to sit behind a desk and evaluate people on preparations, and what they knew, and NOT BY HOW THEY LOOKED nor the color of their skin!
If you are wondering if I used QUOTAS and AFFIRMATIVE ACTIONS when I made my selections,...the answer is categorically no!!!!!!! If you are wondering then if my ethnic ratio was diverse by employees hired! The answer is yes,...because the people who stared me in the face, asking for work, must have been educated by competent people, so I never had that a problem! All the more reason to SPEAK UP FOR THE KIDS OF THIS COMMMUNITY! Get out, and get out now!!! Remember a man how had no reason to lie, nothing to lose, and nothing to gain, told you so!

Robert Buckner

I'm done with it all, the city, the isd, and the rest of it all. My next move is out of this armpit of a town. Good luck folks.

PD Hyatt

Well it looks like the school board is going to stay the same so I guess LMISD will not be changing either...

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