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Miss Priss

Good one Mr. Taylor!


George Croix

Did L.C. pass a resolution refusing to recognize an act of Congress?

If you're lucky, enough of the usual suspects will figure they did...[lol]


I love me some League City "rat" about now!! WoooooooooWeeeeeeeee! Satan keeps coming after League City and League City keep sucker-punching him, knocking him back on his rear end!!
League City is the gateway to the GULF......so the enemy figures if he can take them down cheap, and he can have his will with the rest of us down here. He figured wrong!!!!!
I don't know, I might buy me one of those expensive houses and move up there! I can do it to! I love the way they stand tall, against "Uncle Sugga" nem in DC. [smile]

PD Hyatt

Amen JB....

Carlos Ponce

Kind of a STRETCH Mr. Taylor. Don't hurt yourself.

PD Hyatt

Galveston Daily News just like MOST of the media has turned so far to the left it isn't even funny anymore.... Most of the liberal media, normally do not report the news they are doing their best to make the news as they see fit....

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