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George Croix

The 'gun afficianados' could use a tune up.
A 'deer rifle' is a generic term referencing a rifle used to shoot deer. They come in all action types, and dozens if not hundreds of calibers, and may have any one of literally thousands of sighting devices. In fact, and AR-15 type platform weapon chambered in .308 Win. (7.62x51 NATO) would be, and is, an excellent 'deer rifle'> And a wild hog hog rifle, and, depending on the accuracy of it, the sighting device(s) and the ability of the shooter, an excellent rifle for about 95% of all North American game hunting. It's a bit overpowered for close range self-defense, but with carefully chosen loads and skillful and careful use would serve admirably in that regard, too.
A 'shotgun for quail' can be any action type, and any guage, even a 10 guage if the shooter is a masochist and doesn't acre about the condition of the bird! A shotgun is the only legal firearm that can be used to take deer in some counties/states,and properly laoded, sighted, and used, makes a great short/mid-range 'deer gun'.
Besides, the duck hunters and squirrel hunters and pheasant hunters and so on, even some thick brush hog hunters, would disagree with the 'afficianados' characterization of what a shotgun is for. Not to be left out, is a shotgun of appropriate guage, load, and use makes about as good a self-defense weapon as can be had, when room to maneuver is not limited.
So, a little back-to-the-books for those 'afficianados, or perhaps back to where they were pulled from?
Stick to writing about subjects that you can write about with some knowledge, unless giving a false impression was the goal all along.

Jim Forsythe

George, don't forget High Velocity Slugs for shotguns good for over 150 yards for big bucks. I had a 16 gauge bolt action when I was a kid.

George Croix

I did say 'short to mid range', Jim.
This IS Texas, where going to the grocery store can take you further than clear across one of those P-ant upper east coast mini-states...[wink]
Mine was a beat up 20ga...later with an old Weaver K1 attached.
There being no mounts to fit a Western Auto Revelation bolt action, friction tape was employed by my 'gunsmith' (9 year old me...). Ugly, but it worked...good enough for a mighty hunter of single digit age...
As you may suspect, sighting in was...a pain...
Was worth used, heavily, about 20 bucks total, in cash, and about 12 bucks total, memory serving, in deer...
No rifles allowed on the old man's ranch/farm where I was allowed to hunt...
I couldn't have afforded decent one anyway at the time...

PD Hyatt

Mr. Taylor, why is it that the media is so ignorant of our 2nd Amendment rights? Why do you all not know how to read and or understand what it says and have learned the WHY that the 2nd Amendment was written? Do you not understand that the 2nd Amendment was not written for hunters of game! Because in those days almost everyone was a hunter if they wanted to eat meat. The 2nd Amendment was written for us to be able to protect oursleves both from foreign invasion and from domestic abuse from our government. They saw clearly that one day our government would become overbearing and we would need the right to protect ourselves from them.... Plus with the way criminals are invading our nation we need them to be able to protect ourselves from them as the Police are only going to get to the crime scene AFTER the fact.... Wake up Mr. Taylor and try to understand what our Constitution says....

Rainy Brown

It has become a very popular deer hunting rifle for women.

Steve Fouga

Hmmm... I think gecroix nailed it, but I'll pile on:

A .308 would be my choice if I could "have just one" rifle. A semi-auto might be my choice of action for that rifle. So clearly, to me at least, a very useful piece.

Two more points: Thankfully, because of my 2nd Amendment rights, I don't have to "have just one." And second, the idea of raffling a weapon to support an education fundraiser is genius, as far as I'm concerned. It'll certainly raise a lot of money, it might provide some teaching opportunities about subjects like our 2nd Amendment rights, and it might show folks that embracing a controversial ideal can lead to a beneficial outcome. Plus, it's a very Texas thing to do, and after all, this is Texas.

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