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Paula Flinn

Very Good Idea! Now, where did all that FEMA money go? Were not some of these businesses insured--buildings and contents? Six years later and they are not back up and running? Just asking....

Mike Leahy

Gas, groceries, hardware...all very true. Don't forget tire repair shops though.

Driving in St .Bernard Parish after Katrina was a risky business until the tire shop in Chalmette re-opened... 6 months after the storm.

Miss Priss

Out of all the cities in this county, Texas City has them all licked in coordinated efforts from city government to public safety to businesses. Everyone else needs to sit back and observe to learn.

George Croix

T.C. DOES do an overall good job.
They could use a little polishing up in how local emergencies involving refineries are handled, but, overall, even that's OK.

The thing about having the experience to do things well in bad times, is you have to have had bad times to learn from.
It's definitely a two edged sword....

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