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Ellen Morrison

And so, there will be the usual "gang of 4" running these items through COGCC while Beeton, Pappous, and Tarlton try valiantly to point out the problem while remaining professional.

Raymond Lewis

Perhaps you missed it confusdemmy but Beeton and Pappous spearheaded one of those 'pontificating platforms'.

GW Cornelius

Hopefully after May the problem will be solved. No more Beeton or Pappous. Then the city can grow.

Steve Fouga

I wish people would explain what they mean when they post statements like "Then the city can grow."

Grow how? What kind of growth are you thinking of? I might think your kind of growth is a bad idea. So what do you mean by "Then the city can grow?"

Any ideas, or just blowin' smoke?

Miceal O'Laochdha

It has been my experience that, for a certain type of upwardly mobile citizen, the word "growth" is, in and of itself, sacred, and an indisputable goal we all should pursue every day and at any cost. It requires no modifiers, no details and really, no active thought. Not only is "growth good", it is imperative! Like water and air, right-thinking people cannot live without relentless "growth".

And, this is by no means confined to Galveston. It is endemic, everywhere I go. The pot of gold is right there at the end of the rainbow, the way to get there is "growth" ,and all the smart people know that. All the fools just do not get it.

George Croix

Never mentioned by the 'growth' platitude tossers is that things can also 'grow' worse, and not 'grow' better.

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