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Bill Cochrane

The two issues cited for the reasons to meet are reasonable. "Form better relations" is a tough one. The Pilots are a monopoly. Even though most monopolies are illegal, the Good Ole Boy system in Austin allows this monopoly in the name of "safety concerns because other competitive pilot companies may not do their job." This monopoly does not answer to the Port, and never will. Forming good relationships with a monopoly that rules the roost, demands pay raises for questionable reasons and holds ships hostage for "safety" reasons doesn't lend itself to good relations. But, the good news is that there is a simple way to deal with fog issues. The port traffic should be controlled by The United States Coast Guard. That is their job. If any weather situation, including fog, high winds, and rough waters make navigation a hazard, the Coast Guard already has the authority to shut down all traffic. When this happens, the ferry system is shut down. Why do the ferry boats continue when the Pilots shut cruise ship navigation down?

Joel Martin

Excellent point Bill. I know a retired Neches pilot that said fog was not a problem with modern radar. He referred to it as a "fog machine".

Jarvis Buckley

The pilots should answer to the port.
I suspect they will real soon. The times my friend they are a changing.✌️

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