The reaction by the administration to a white nationalist being invited to speak at the Texas A&M campus was right.

The administration could have tried to prevent Richard Spencer, who is a leader in the “alt-right,” — a movement that mixes racism, white nationalism and populism — from speaking at the student center.

Instead, the university announced it will hold an event to highlight diversity and unity at the same time as Spencer’s speech. The counter-event, “Aggies United,” will be held at the football stadium, which is within walking distance of the student center.

“Freedom of speech is a First Amendment right and a core value of this university, no matter how odious the views may be,” A&M President Michael Young said.

There’s little doubt that Spencer and his alt-right group have a much different view of the direction the country should head than most Americans. In fact, most recently President-elect Donald Trump weighed-in in an interview with The New York Times.

“I condemn them. I disavow, and I condemn,” Trump said.

Still, Spencer should be allowed to be heard, however repulsive his beliefs might be to some.

The ability to express yourself through civil discussions about the future of not only yourself but your family and your country, native or adoptive, is paramount. Those civil discussions not only remind us of where we have been but where we should go.

Which is why A&M’s decision was the right one. As long as both groups adhere to campus rules about such events, both events will go forward, university officials said.

What is puzzling is the comment by the former student who rented out space available in the student center and asked Spencer to come to College Station.

“We’re disappointed that A&M is so closed-minded they don’t want to come hear different points of view,” Preston Wiginton said Wednesday. “One of the purposes of bringing controversial speakers to A&M is so the students can engage with the controversial figure directly.”

Actually, what the university is doing is just that — providing a different point of view than Spencer’s.

• Dave Mathews

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Paula Flinn

I respectfully disagree. Some perspectives and ideas are inherently evil, immoral, and dangerous. White supremacy, or white nationalism, like Hitler believed and indoctrinated others to believe, is one of them. It would not be so different than inviting a KKK member to speak. A major Texas University should not encourage or sanction such evil. You have to stand for something, or you will fall for anything. JMHO

Carlos Ponce

Prohibiting that lunatic from speaking would just add to his perceived legitimacy. Let his rhetoric expose him for what he is.Once you start censoring one group, one wonders "who's next"? I view the destruction of the American Flag as an expression of EVIL and IGNORANCE. But the Court has ruled it is Constitutional. Freedom of Speech was placed in the Bill of Rights not to protect "safe" speech but to protect controversial orations. The trick is to give this man as little attention as possible. This will not make him go away but protestations give him the publicity he craves.

Paula Flinn

Yes, Carlos, I see what you mean. But white supremacy gives legitimacy to and influences hate crimes. That is not, I am sure, what Texas A & M wants to be known for.

George, BLM is not a hate group. Many people believe ALL lives matter. BLM was formed to bring awareness that black lives matter, too. It may have evolved into a hate group, but it did not start out that way. Many whites marched with them, too, in St. Louis. I saw a group of them there July, 2015.

Carlos Ponce

By definition, BLM is a hate group.As you post, it may not have started as one but "evolved" into one.While not all BLM members have espoused hatred they are mute in disavowing members who do.

George Croix

Ma'am. Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon' sounds pretty hateful to me.
There are some folks who think the KKK is not a hate group, just protective of their supporters.....just ask their members......
Even those despicable sheet hiding cowards are not rioting in the streets and looting, although they, too, have fomented called for and some of their members committed murder.
So, they can't be hate group because white people march with them?
That stands on it's own level of merit ......
It sounds to me like arguing that hitting white Joe in the head with a brick is not hate, but hitting black Jim in the head with a brick is......

It's no wonder this country is in the shape it's in......

George Croix

Yet, the vile BLM that ADVOCATES OPENLY for killing Police got an INVITE to the White House......
That was standing for.....what....??
And, the Dems are poised to put Keith Ellison as head of the DNC.
How is the Jew hating radical big mouth Ellison a dimes worth of different than the silly pathetic clown speaking at A&M?

Try to remember, that speaking AT someplace is not the same as speaking FOR someplace...any more than being endorsed is the same as agreeing with the endorser.....despite what the network talking heads and the politicized segment of the Fourth Estate say...
I note that the first casualty of the 'progressives' is any free speech that is counter to their free speech....


Doyle Beard

Carlos I am with you in the sense that give this guy no publicity and he will go away. Also I believe the same people who don't want him speaking are like the ones who don't want conservaties speaking on college campuses.
The crybabies who protested the election ahd a right to a peaceful protest although it wound up anything but peaceful. people sometime don't care about the constitution.If one doesn't care for what someone is saying ignore them like I do. The news media just like to keep things stirred up.

Doyle Beard

Just like Saying MerryChristmas now days which was an American tradition for years and years This is America..The progressives would like to ban it. Where does all this silliness end?
George its like we are diverse do they say but listen when one doesn't believe like they do. They then dont' want free speech. A bunch of hypocrites.

George Croix

Mr. Beard, as we have seen so often and for so long, and it appears to be getting worse, too many people practice 'Ok for thee but not for me', and don't walk their talk.
Where does it end? That's up to 'progressives'.....such two-faced PC stuff can be fixed, but it requires personal desire to do so......

As for 'Merry Christmas', my personal policy is to not give a porcine rodent's backside about PC or the Perpetually Offended, en masse or individually, and cheerfully and enthusiastically wish 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' to any and all...and encourage anybody else tired of PC to do the same,,,if anyone allows themselves to be cowed, then that's on THEM.
When shopping, I say 'Merry Christmas' to the store clerks and checkers and such.
If they don't respond, or say 'Happy Holidays', I politely ask why.
If told it's the store's policy to say 'Happy Holidays' or some other silly watered-down PC baloney, I thank them, and leave the no-longer-gonna-be purchases right there and go somewhere else.....
Not a perfect solution, or even all-inclusive, as mail order purchases get a pass, but, it's something besides meek acceptance of having my beliefs marginalized for no better reason than secular or 'don't want to offend' nonsense....
But, that's just me......

Merry Christmas to all!!

If that offends anyone...I don't care.....

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Remember the NAACP was once called a hate group as well. The Black Lives Matter movement is NOT a terror group. Who are they advocating to kill? Who have they killed? Their leaders have denounced the KILLING of anyone. This is the same misjudgment that has been used to delegitimize groups who desire to bring awareness. The KKK has killed, racism in our country has killed and discriminated people based on skin color, that is proof. Racism is Terror. When young white boys are killed in the streets for walking home, playing loud music, whistling, etc. etc. it will generate a movement as well to say enough is enough....The movement still is to let America and the world know that Black lives matter TOO! Perhaps its just missing that one word, TOO. I am shocked and quite confused that saying that our lives matter too has caused such an uproar. Lying on a movement that is meant to bring value to a life is the only way persons can De-value it.

Carlos Ponce

ALL lives matter, even those still in the fetal stage of development.

George Croix

It's certainly possible that when BLM 'protesters' were chanting 'Pig's in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon' they were simply referring to an alternative method of cooking dough wrapped beef wieners as opposed to the traditional baking process.

It's equally possible that BLM 'protesters' shouting 'What do we want...Dead cops...When do we want ' were simply raising awareness of the need for Police to donate their bodies to scientific research after dying peacefully in bed to further the knowledge of Doctors in training of the physiological stresses placed on the law enforcement occupation.

It's even possible that the creation of this vile...imho...bunch...came about NOT based on the phony narrative employed at Fergusoin, MO. (and fed and enabled by what passes for a Justice Dept. and it's leader at the time...and his boss....until they found NO proof of it, even with an army of people trying to prevent POTUS from looking like the fool he made of himself by yet again jumping into his own mouth with both feet) of 'Hand's up, don't shoot' as the lie about the Officer and the Strong Arm Thief was spread, and INSTEAD was simply a misunderstanding when people on scene threw their hands up to alert photographers on scene to not shoot their picture yet because a few folks were still doing their hair or makeup ..

Yes. Certainly possible.

If BLM and some who make excuses for them CARED about 'black lives' they'd be marching against THEIR OWN DEMOGRAPHIC, as blacks killing blacks is a far more common occurrence than others doing so.
It's a veritable killing field in South Chi but one example.
I wonder why to BLM those THOUSANDS of black lives don't matter enough to go demonstrate there and call for the KILLERS to 'fry'...???

The 'white boy' Officers assassinated in the last few months, coincidentally (?) right after calls for Police deaths....might laugh at the notion of a benign 'resistance' ...if they could...
The lives of ALL decent law abiding citizens regardless of their color or age or religion or ethnicity or whatever other attached label matter.

Anybody doesn't like that....this 'white boy' don't care....

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