It’s spring in Texas. That means some beautiful crystalline blue days; weather as near perfect as weather ever is.

It means bluebonnets, baseball and barbecue.

And around here, it means the Galveston County Fair & Rodeo, an event as Texan as events can be.

This venerable community production, now in its 79th year, gets underway this evening and runs though April 29 at Jack Brooks Park, just off state Highway 6 in Hitchcock.

We’re supposed to use this space for the presentation of argumentative and persuasive prose; there’s no debate here, though, and this ought to be a pretty easy sell.

You could visit the Galveston County Fair & Rodeo because it’s a chance to see old friends. Or because it’s a way to support kids doing something productive.

You could visit the fair and rodeo because it will help raise money for scholarships to send Galveston County kids to college. Many of the kids who’ve been helped in the past have returned to the county and have contributed to our communities.

You could visit the fair and rodeo because — corn dogs, turkey legs, team roping, bull riding, barrel racing and mutton bustin’.

You could visit the fair and rodeo because it’s a chance to wear boots and a hat without looking even a little bit out of place.

You could visit the fair and rodeo because there’s nothing better than a carnival on a fine spring night.

You could visit the fair and rodeo because you can’t afford to miss hearing the bands.

Texans, of course, have been going to county fairs and rodeos for generations just because they are fun.

So the real question is, why on earth would anybody miss it?

The gates open at 4 p.m.

• Michael A. Smith

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