Early voting begins today in the May 11 elections. Here are our endorsements in some of the key local races:

College of the Mainland

Trustee Position 6 (at large): Rachel Delgado. The most pressing challenge facing College of the Mainland is its relatively high operating costs.

While we have reservations about Delgado’s candidacy, largely about statements she’s made in other races for public office, she’s the most likely candidate in the field to address that challenge.

If College of the Mainland decided to reduce its cost per student to the state average, it would have to make steep cuts. While the steep cuts wouldn’t be helpful now, the college does need to cut its costs.

Clear Creek ISD

Trustee, Position B: Incumbent Ann Hammond, with a background as a NASA program analyst, brings exactly the kind of experience that’s needed on a good board. She has a long memory and an eye for detail.

Trustee, District 1: Gary Renola, a former mayor of Seabrook, gets the nod, based on experience with public bodies. In the three-way race, Laura DuPont also strikes us a fine candidate.

Bayou Vista

Board of Aldermen, Position 3: Bill Spillar. Spillar had a fine record on the La Marque school board — a difficult position.

Jamaica Beach

Mayor: Steve Spicer gets the nod in a race between two good candidates with fine records for public service. His opponent, Stephen Hubbell, was a longtime police official. Spicer gets the edge because of his experience as mayor pro tem.


Mayor: Incumbent Bob Cummins has done a creditable job and deserves another term. His opponent, Matt Wiggins, had a colorful period in office — unfortunately, a bit too colorful.

La Marque ISD

Trustee, District 2: Mable Pratt is the sole candidate challenging an incumbent on the La Marque school board. Of all the boards in local government in Galveston County, this one most needs change. Pratt served the district well as a trustee during the district’s better days.

Heber Taylor is editor of The Daily News

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