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Lars Faltskog

Well, 2 thoughts here in response to this article. First, events like this have a way of always surfacing - with iPHONES, quick access to shooting cameras or taking videos, and all-around more willingness for people in public to bring up controversey just for the heck of it these days. Stool pidgeons run amuck. Many folks hope their rants make it on YouTube, etc. So, it behooved UTMB to report the incident, b/c if they didn't, someone else on the outside most certainly would have anyway.

Then, we have the old "how interesting that Galveston made it in national news" statements. That's all well and good, but for each single occasion that a national TV news show or national newspaper mentioned Galveston in the report, there likely were 4 other media venues that simply said it "happened in Texas". No mention on Galveston. I saw such a show - it was ABC news. They didn't say "UTMB Galveston", only Texas. Seems like folks throughout the country, when they think of Texas - when they mention a municipality - seem to look first at Dallas or San Antonio. Much less Houston, and certainly not Galveston. Another example - the early AM morning news on ABC's weather - shows only Dallas on the TX weather map. Houston and Galveston "dont' exist".

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