Sign of the times

Moving Forward

Galveston County is moving forward. The Daily News family was not immune to the storm, but compared to many others, we are blessed. Too many have lost too much.

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. As those impacted work to put their lives back together, we encourage you to look for opportunities to help.

Join in and Help the Recovery

The Daily News continues to receive and publish information from the community about both who needs help and where to send donations. If you represent an organization on either end of this equation, please email Angela Wilson, community news editor. Angela can be reached at We will continue to publish free notices in The Daily News during this period.

Visit local businesses

Besides making donations to shelters and places of need, we would like to ask you to make a special effort to shop locally. Remember that many local businesses have been essentially shut down or have experienced a sharp downturn in business during this window. If you are fortunate enough to have escaped the wrath of the floodwaters, get out and visit your locally owned businesses.

Your support can help these small businesses bounce back after a difficult stretch of days. Support the businesses you see participating in The Daily News and help rebuild our business communities.

Local Chambers of Commerce to Help

The Daily News visited with the chambers of commerce in Galveston, Texas City/La Marque, Dickinson and League City. Each, from Gina Spagnola in Galveston, to Jenny Senter in Texas City/La Marque, to Steve Paterson in League City, and Dawn King in Dickinson, was urgently working with local businesses and governmental leaders to help recovery efforts.

Between them, they represent thousands of local businesses throughout Galveston County. They are also an excellent resource for making connections between businesses. If you are a business, do not overlook these valuable resources.

The Daily News Sign Back in Place

Harvey took a slap at the Daily News’ iconic signage facing Interstate 45 this week. Thanks to our friends at AB Sign Shop in Galveston, we are back in pre-Harvey condition.

Leonard Woolsey: 409-683-5207;

President & Publisher of The Galveston County Daily News.

(5) comments

Kelly Naschke

Why is it only important to buy local during a crisis? I was at big box sports and outdoors store which I will leave unnamed....looking at some sunglasses recently...and caught myself....and thought "whst the heck am I doing"....and headed to a small locally owned surf shop on 37th and R 1/2 and bought some glasses.

Joe Flores

great KELLY

Mark Aaron

"Why is it only important to buy local during a crisis?"

Why do you even have to ask that question Kelly? The article explained it to you very clearly.

Kelly Naschke

And if you shopped locally year round Mark....the local businesses wouldn't be in such a bind right now. Sorry that my rationale was over your head Mark. I will type slower next time so you can keep up.

Mark Aaron

Sorry, I misunderstood your comment. You are right, we should try to buy locally as often as we can. Especially now.

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