This space is usually dedicated to thoughts or observations of the world we all share.

This week, with Hurricane Harvey coming ashore, is no different.

But today I’d like to encourage everyone to focus on looking around and finding ways to help one another.

There are people who may very well be in need during this time and even a well-timed phone call to a shut-in can make a difference.

Hurricane Harvey, while now ashore, is now only potentially getting ready to drop dangerous rains on Galveston and surrounding communities.

From weather reports, we’ve more rain ahead of us in the next few days than behind us. For this, we should be careful, cautious and thoughtful.

I am sure all of us are on the receiving end of emails, calls and text messages from friends around the country. They mean well and we should be thankful for their concerns. We should also all feel fortunate someone thinks enough of us to reach out during this time. What I’d suggest is to remember the gesture and pay it forward.

Even a forecaster only reports what they think will happen in the future. And we are no different. But what we can do is keep our minds focused on others, looking for opportunities to help not only today, but in the days and weeks ahead. The people who tend to lose the most are many times those with the least to begin with.

I make no secret I am a supporter of both United Way and The Salvation Army. Both groups do great work in helping those in need. I would encourage you, if you are sincere in your wishes of helping and unsure where to reach out, to start with either group. Both can serve as a powerful connection to a larger network of smaller agencies and people working to help others.

Also, take care of your circle of influence — that is, family and friends. Make sure older family members are safe and staying put if at all possible.

Encourage them to not take unnecessary risks. And if a phone call to them would be reassuring, make that call.

The big picture is Hurricane Harvey could be that one day you always talk about — the time you stepped up to lend a hand or helped someone else during a time of need. Make that one day be this day.

When the rains pass, here is to hoping the legacy of Hurricane Harvey brought out the best in people during a difficult time.

Leonard Woolsey: 409-683-5207;

President & Publisher of The Galveston County Daily News.

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Jarvis Buckley

Leonard you offered good advice

George Croix

Good article.
One of the best ways, imo, to help in such times as these is a cash or GOOD supplies/materials donation, made QUICKLY - do it/send it/drop it off, and leave, so valuable time can be spent on the problem rather than on acknowledgements.

“There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit.”
- Ronald Reagan

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