The Daily News is going to do all it can to help our local businesses recover. While many have sustained storm damage, others are opening their doors to customers. And more will reopen in the coming days. What we hope to do is help get the word out of who is open for business.

Beginning with today’s edition of The Daily News, we will begin listing — free of charge — businesses that are open and ready to serve the community.

Titled “Open for Business,” these listings are an investment in our local businesses’ future. Please include them in your shopping, dining and purchase decisions.

Also, if your business would like to be listed, email the following information: name of business, address, phone number and city. Business listings should be sent to

Coast Monthly Delivered Today

Normally, Coast Monthly is distributed on the final Sunday of each month. This month, however, Galveston County was in the middle of Tropical Storm Harvey.

Knowing the conditions and the importance of everyone working to help others, we chose to hold the magazine until today.

Also, as some areas of the county remain impassable, we will be working to ensure those subscribers receive theirs as soon as delivery to their homes is possible.

If you are in an area where The Daily News is still restricted by road conditions, simply know we are working to reinstate safe delivery to everyone.

Also, we are increasing the number of complimentary copies distributed throughout the community. Our hope is not only will familiar faces find Coast Monthly, but new ones as well.

On another note, we would like to offer our thoughts to any people, businesses and Coast Monthly advertisers featured in this issue who sustained damage by the floodwaters. It’s possible some people and businesses featured in this issue might have been affected by the storm.

Unlike a newspaper, which can be created and distributed in a shorter time window, a magazine is created on a much longer production timeline. Coast Monthly was printed and waiting to be delivered to subscribers before Harvey arrived in Texas.

Please keep these businesses in your thoughts and prayers. Also, make a point of visiting them as soon as they reopen their doors.

The Daily News Website Free

The Daily News is like any other business — we have employees, materials and other operating expenses. Making sure we manage a sustainable business model is an essential aspect of our business.

We also know that in times of great community need, we are uniquely positioned to reach large numbers of the public with our digital arm,

As the storm approached, we suspended the subscriber requirement for accessing our website to provide as wide as possible distribution of vetted and trusted news about the conditions.

We are a business, but we also recognize our unique responsibility to serve our community.

Our website will remain open to both subscribers and non-subscribers for the next two weeks in order to serve this principle.

We believe a trusted exchange of vetted content is key to Galveston County’s recovery. We hope you will subscribe and support our ability to make such decisions long after this chapter passes.

Leonard Woolsey: 409-683-5207;

President & Publisher of The Galveston County Daily News.

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