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The Galveston County Daily News: Leonard Woolsey

October 24, 2016

Leonard Woolsey

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Dog proves attitude is everything

I am convinced God put dogs and man together for a reason.

  • icon Posted: September 24

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Saturday 09/03/2016
Credibility of the presidency at risk in this election
Posted: September 03, 2016

“In America, anyone can grow up to be the President.”

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Saturday 08/20/2016
Democracy alive and well in one Texas town
Posted: August 20, 2016

Democracy is alive and well — at least in one small town in the Hill Country of Texas.

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Saturday 08/13/2016
Acorn represents life's opportunities
Posted: August 13, 2016

Newton had his apple; I have my acorn.

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Saturday 08/06/2016
Gears between our ears getting rusty
Posted: August 06, 2016

My wife and I finish each other’s sentences — but not for the reasons you might think.

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Saturday 07/30/2016
Helping others: It's easier than you think
Posted: July 30, 2016

Cleaning out the garage never felt so good.

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Saturday 07/23/2016
Love of family our most valuable asset
Posted: July 23, 2016

As much as time passes, it remains the same.

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Sunday 07/17/2016
Odd jobs lead to lifelong lessons
Posted: July 17, 2016

The older I get, the more I appreciate the “you are the sum of your parts” theory.

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Sunday 07/03/2016
Fourth of July more than just a holiday
Posted: July 03, 2016

The Fourth of July is more than hot dogs, colorful banners and fireworks.

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Saturday 06/25/2016
Brexit and powder kegs signal change
Posted: June 25, 2016

Something is in the electorate’s water — and the status quo better watch out.

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