How long has it been since we watched Santa Claus riding up and down the hills of snow on his Norelco razor?

That’s one of the signs of Christmas that seems to have disappeared.

But no problem. Lots of other things have come along the airwaves to remind us of the season. Most of them arrive before we are ready to embrace the holiday spirit.

Some of this year’s advertising diversions, however, have been happy additions to that spirit.

For instance, the H-E-B Texas Christmas. It’s a collection of Texany scenes, which is beautiful for all us true Texans to see. There’s a barn with lights, a decorated oil derrick, a wonderful light-covered bridge and the reminder, with a decorated cactus, that you don’t have to have a fir tree to celebrate Christmas. I watch it every time it comes on and thank whoever put it all together.

There are some commercials running, however, that I can do without. There’s the one about mattresses made in Houston, which says, “The best product comes from the source.” What on earth does that mean?

To take away from that one, there’s a new Chia pet that is absolutely fabulous. Bob Ross, with his curly hair growing from all those seeds. If you don’t know Bob Ross, you should. He has been in artist heaven for a good while, but his “happy little clouds” painting lessons continue on and on courtesy of Channel 8.

Look him up. Watching him is one of the most relaxing 30 minutes you can spend. I may even get me a Chia Bob.

For pure fun, I Iike the guy who goes shopping for his lady and pulls each purchase out, one by one, naming each one incorrectly. He says “parsley.” She says “cilantro.” He says “spinach.” She says “basil.” He pulls out a bunch of carrots and says,” toothpicks.” She just looks askance.

For years and years, we have had wonderful Coca-Cola ads for Christmas, including lots of polar bears. Remember?

Well, this year, Coke sneaks up on us.

We see a scoop of ice cream being dropped into a glass. Then another scoop.

And finally, a pour of liquid, which turns out to be Coca-Cola. And I said, out loud, “Oh boy.” Because everybody loves a Coke float.

And while I am enjoying the moment, the words appear: “Eggnog. Smegnogg.”

They are right. A Coke float will beat eggnog any day in my book. You are free to disagree, of course. It’s Christmas.

Along with the float, you are invited to enjoy Christmas hors d’oeuvres. If you have toothpicks, the ad says, you can make them yourself.

Just get some brightly wrapped peanut butter and chocolate cups and create your own happy party.

To add to the musical merriment, we have dogs playing “Jingle Bells” on their squeaky toys and the ever-popular Hershey’s Kisses playing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” on the bells.

Cathy Gillentine is a Daily News columnist. She may be reached at

(2) comments

Doyle Beard

Ever since pay tv came on the scenes I don't watch commericals.

Kelly Naschke

“The best product comes from the source.” What on earth does that mean? It means they manufacture and sell the product at one location. That one location is about 40 miles away.......not China.

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