How would you like to go digging around in the attic of the Davison Home and cart away old lumber and broken antiques and maybe a rug or two?

Members of the board of the Texas City Heritage Association, which I lovingly call the Hysterical Society, discussed having an attic sale at the house when the weather gets cooler. If you went up in the attic now, you would pass out from the heat, I imagine.

The association’s board meets fairly frequently. More frequently than I have thought proper. I finally decided the board members all loved each other so much, they just like to meet. I think that is at least partially true.

One thing they do love, and love to care for, is the Davison house and all the other interesting old houses in the 100 block of Third Avenue. And when Hurricane Ike came along and watered down some of the belongings, they all got together and started making plans to remedy the situation.

The house is a showplace and it needs to stay that way. One of the descendants of the Moore family, who built the house in 1898, was the late and beloved Mary Cain, who served on the board for most of her life.

I have heard her say on more than one occasion that the house has been decorated a lot fancier in its restoration than it was in its original configuration. 

But the association wants it to look spiffy.

This year, we completed a complete redo of the downstairs bathroom, which made it not only beautiful, but handicapped accessible. That is not only a definite plus, but the fulfillment of a law.

The first thing on this year’s agenda, approved just recently, is a re-covering of the floor in the kitchen, which has gotten pretty shabby.

They are also taking about some new curtains in there, and maybe some indoor shutters.

The kitchen is not period Victorian, like the rest of the house, because it was decorated and equipped to handle the needs of caterers. 

Oh, yes, the house is rented for all kinds of parties and showers and an occasional wedding. It is also used as a backdrop for beautiful pictures. Photos often include the gazebo. Lots of brides like to pose in the gazebo, which is not a period piece, but a fairly recent addition to the property.

Along with fixing the floor and cleaning the attic, board members have been looking at furniture that needs to be repaired and reupholstered. 

Some members have developed very good connections with artisans who can do those special jobs. 

The floor job will be done by a very special group of people, city employees who have become adept, through practice, at the restoration of important places like the Davison Home.

If you are one of the people we meet every year who say, “I have lived here for years, but I have never been to see the Davison Home,” please make it a point to come to one of our fundraising social events or to the annual free Christmas party for the whole community. Or come on the first Sunday afternoon of any month.

There is a roomful of board members who will be happy their special care has been appreciated.

Cathy Gillentine is a columnist for the Daily News and can be reached at

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