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Mojo Boogie

Love this. But, as a nurse, could I add one more? The visitor, usually a spouse that writes down EVERYTHING. Dr visit, nurse's name, meds and dose/times, vital signs, etc. I don't go to their work. What's up? Are they fishing for a lawsuit? Hoping that if they complain to the right person the visit will be free?

George Croix

Good article.
Only shame is that there are people so goshawful dumb and inconsiderate that they need to be told how to act like an adult.

Mojo, when my wife had her knee replacement surgery a couple months ago, I wrote down everything I figured might help us by way of reminder a year from now when she has her other knee done - what worked, what didn't work, in the hospital and at home post-op, rather than trust to memory.
I've never sued anybody.
I've never asked for a dime I didn't have coming to me legitimately.
BUT, I have made some mistakes twice ... or more...and I don't know anybody else who hasn't, either, no matter what their profession is.. [smile]

Jarvis Buckley

Best advice---Stay away from hospitals, they aren't your friend.

George Croix

Better a hospital than a funeral parlor.
But, that's just me...[smile]

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