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Lars Faltskog

I wonder about these kinds of social protocals too. Interesting that it seems that these days there's a lot more hugging going on all around.

Probably because I was shy and didn't like all that huggy kissy stuff, I pretty much was able to stay away from hugs and many handshakes. Exceptions: a great aunt or two who you couldn't refuse, or else they'd carry on and on - maybe start crying because lack of a hug was (to them) a personal affront. But these days... I don't think I could get away with that, even as youngsters. Seems as though one good thing parents are generally doing nowadays is teaching children to shake hands, hug.

Also interesting is us adult men's point of view regarding hugging. Case in point, a family friend of ours had just had an unfortunate episode where the minor daughter had accused an adult male (co-worker of one of her parents) of "propositioning her" - by touching - at a restaurant void of people, about to close. Apparently, her mom and dad also weren't present at the moment to witness the apparent crime. They are in litigation with no witnesses to speak of.

Well, fast forward a month or so, and I had to greet these people at a function. The daughter is an all-around affectionate individual. She came up to me and I automatically treated her as I would any individual that I would customarily shake hands only. She said, "Just a handshake?" When I noticed there were "eyes" on us, I was able to oblige her hug, but I gave the biggest "hands off", turned head, and brief nano-second encounter that could be humanly possible. I think adult guys have this dilemna - do we hug, and who, and is it potentially going to be misinterpreted?

As I say, it seems all genders are hugging more and more these days. I can't stand it.

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