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Doyle Beard

Leonard so sorry to say but this tradition died many, many years ago. In my opinion this has caused a tremendous erosion of values in America. Lets bring back Honesty and Integrity to our country. I believe greed has been a big factor.
I can remember in the 40s my father and grandfather could walk into the First National Bank of my hometown talk to the president and get a loan to make a crop to be paid back after the farming season . If my Dad and Grandad did not make enough to repay loan they worked the winter to pay off and things would start over the next year.
I remember my Dad going to Houston in the fall, working at the port of Houston and coming home at Christmas time with apples, oranges, nuts and maybe one small toy for each of us 3 boys. We played all year with that toy.One year one bicycle for 3 boys. Was wonderful as we were so thankful.My Dad and
Grandfather were just like the rest in the community, you could take their word to the bank. Remember two words honest and integrity and what it would do for our country. Don't forget there are many good people with these values but we need a lot more.

Ken Hufstetler

Still, there are many people in this country that consider a handshake more binding than a piece of paper. The number may be dwindling, but I hope not.

Doyle Beard

Ken I am sorry to say I believe its dwindling from what I observe these days

Jose' Boix

Agree; I still remember buying my first house/home in Texas City with a handshake as the "contractural confirmation of the deal."

Kelly Naschke

Jose....there are still some realtors where a handshake means more than paperwork...ME being one of them! The title companies need their contracts though.

Jose' Boix

Kelly, I understand the need of the paperwork. I just like the act of the handshake as a symbol or gesture of a signature of agreement. I thinks that symbolism of the gesture is what some of us feel is disappearing.

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