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Johann Ramirez

Thank you! This was a very enjoyable read.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Joe: could you please explain the difference between Atmospheric Pressure and Gravity? Thanks.

Joe Concienne

micealo'laochdha: I wrote a column on Atmospheric Pressure. It was published in The Daily News on April 8, 2014 page B4. See if that helps.
In short Atmos. pressure is the weight, at the earth's surface, of the air which makes up our Atmosphere. The Air is held in place around the earth by Gravity. The air is energetic enough, manily due to sunlight, to keep from all collecting right at the earth's surface. Hope this helps

George Croix

You want to have some fun with gravity, go with it's effect on a fired bullet, as you make every effort to explain the difference between drop from line of bore, and drop from line of sight, to a few folks, otherwise smart as heck, conditioned since birth to believe that the bullet rises on it's own.

David Dearman

I love reading about science in the GCDN and discussing with friends and family. My son who is an aerospace engineer suggested that the description of gravity here rather appears to ignore Einstein's general relativity. Gravity is not a force but a curvature of space-time. It acts like a field and changes are propagated by waves that travel the speed of light. To me it's not so much the unknowns of science that point to the spiritual as much as it is the mathematical beauty of what we do know...the stamp of the creator on creation, so to speak.

Joe Concienne

Ddearman01 Thanks for comment. I debated whether to mention general relativity and spacetime curvature. I had it in my first draft. However I decided it complicated the article and it did not change my conclusions. So I decided to leave it out because in the end it did not change my conclusions.
There has not been any physical confirmation ,to my knowledge , of a gravity wave or particle. Exactly how gravity is communicated , to the best of my knowledge, is still in the realm of good theory not experimentally proven fact. Please respond if you or your son does not agree. Thanks again for commenting.

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