The Obama administration officials could learn a lot from Texas ranchers. They know how to avoid stepping in “it.”

It seems that every time we turn around there is another “issue” that the administration just stepped into.

Take, for example, the initiative to gain the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

First, let’s be clear, it was a lopsided deal. One person for five, and the five were hand-picked by the bad guys.

Additionally, there are indications that Bergdahl was actually a deserter who walked away from his unit in 2009 instead of serving “ … the United States with honor and distinction,” as Susan Rice described him on the Sunday TV show circuit.

Reports are surfacing that six brave young men lost their lives trying to find him and bring him back — something that wouldn’t have happened if he had remained with his unit.

But let’s look at the long-term impact this trade will have. If terrorists know they can extract a price from the U.S. by kidnapping Americans, they will continue doing so.

That’s why we haven’t negotiated with terrorists in the past. The Obama administration’s action has broken that longstanding policy, looking for a short-term gain while ignoring the long-term consequences.

Finally, the law requires the president to confer with Congress 30 days before releasing Gitmo detainees. Once again, the president ignored (broke) laws that he found inconvenient to his agenda.

So why did he do it? According to The Daily Caller, a pentagon official said the decision:

• Was publicly justified with lies; breaks decades of U.S. policy;

• Breaks American law;

• Puts Americans at risk;

• Undermines the government of Afghanistan; and

• Passes the responsibility to deal with this mess onto the next administration.

But, foremost, the decision was political, the official said. Simply stated, it was because so long as Bergdahl remained in Taliban captivity in Pakistan, the Obama administration would never be able to close the chapter of the failed Afghanistan campaign it has owned since approving — then under-resourcing — a surge of U.S. forces in that country. That’s something the Democrats cannot allow going into 2014 and 2016 elections.

But perhaps it goes deeper than that. We have a president whose legacy is marred with scandals. First it was Operation Fast and Furious; then his attorney general was found to be in contempt of Congress; then there was the targeting of his political foes by the IRS and another contempt of Congress, this time for Lois Lerner; and there was the loss of American lives in Benghazi, with Secretary Hillary Clinton asking, “What difference does it make?”

Then there was the disastrous rollout of Obamacare and the “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan” broken promises.

Last month, the scandal broke of secret waiting lists at VA hospitals and possible deaths caused by long waits for appointments that never came.

The president is in search of a positive legacy, but, instead, he continues to find it scarred with lies, failed promises and scandals.

But sit back for a minute and ask yourself why is he taking these extraordinary actions for Bergdahl while closer to home a U.S. Marine who did serve with honor but who took a wrong turn at a border crossing remains in a Mexican jail?

Pick up the phone, Mr. President, and tell our friends that, unless he is returned immediately, the U.S. borders will be closed to all commercial trade.

And you can do that, Mr. President, without releasing a single dangerous terrorist from Gitmo.

Bill Sargent, Mark Mansius and John Gay are writing a series of columns on timely issues for today. All three ran in the 14th Congressional District primary.

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George Croix

Here's some more piles of that 'legacy'...

"Fisker Automotive -- the U.S. electric car company that failed to repay roughly $139 million in federal loans before going bankrupt -- is now owned by a Chinese company eager to unleash its cut-rate acquisition on the American auto industry.
Fisker received the taxpayer-funded millions through the Energy Department’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program, which has provided $8.4 billion in funding since 2009.
The program came under scrutiny after the department lost the roughly $139 million on Fisker, which filed for bankruptcy in 2013. Fisker received $192 million from the program before funding was pulled.
The situation resulted in criticism about the Obama administration’s eagerness to back “green-energy” projects like Fisker and failed solar panel company Solyndra, despite indications they could not compete in the marketplace."

Then, we have the taxpayer owing Chrysler owned by FIAT now legacy pile.
And the real unemployment rate of around 16% pile.
And the astronomical increase in regulations pile.
And the josb killing, except for low wage and part time, pile.
And the 'its anybody's fault but mine' pile.
And the headed for the moon in shortest time national debt pile.
And the Benghazi pile.
And the NSA pile.
And the IRS targeting pile.
And the Bergdahl pile.
And the biggets pile of all, the ACA. Period.
Miles of piles.
Turned the whole nation into a cow pasture.
Some legacy...

Leon Lion

And a big sigh of relief from Jimmy Carter.[beam]

Carlos Ponce

The President is always in campaign mode, more interested in his image than the good of the country. You better believe the five released Gitmo detainees are now plotting another 911 type assault on the United States. When it happens, people are going to ask "What did (future president) know and when did he or she know it?" The answer is the WHOLE COUNTRY knew in JUNE 2014. BO needs to fire whoever advised him to do this.

George Croix

Now crossing the news wires is the Legacy President has used, again, his 'pen and phone' to bypass the elected representatives of the people and do for us what only he knows best...he's unilaterally capping student loan payments, but only for some. For now.
Of course.
You don't need a college education to understand that you don't get out of debt by lowering your payments and extending them longer, you get out by having a decent job to go earn money at and pay the loans back. Living with Mom and Dad until 26 on their dime, the 'new normal', is NOT going to make your way in the world. You DO need someone in charge with a clue about business and payrolls and earnings, rather than government and taxes and spending. Thank your lazy or 'protesting' conservative parents for giving us the extra 4 years of this mess.
Since a 9 year old would understand you can't get candy without money in hand, then the answer has to be yet another diversion and distraction for the cow pasture of dropped 'legacies'.
We have a POTUS that really doesn't know the difference between shtuff and Shinola, pretending he's helping people, when in fact the problem he's 'helping' stems from his own failed economic policies.


Since when has Obama been interested in getting out of debt? Another thing I will say, and nobody else has put much interest in this. Many of the soldiers who are familiar with that traitor, said that after he walked off to join his buddies, the attacks on the Americans positions became far more ACCURATE, and PRECISE than ever before in Afghanistan!
You don't have to have a diploma from Oxford University to figure out what happened to make those statements true. The traitor spilled his guts! I'm very familiar with mortar and artillery attacks and the damage they can do. I've seen them personally, and I have a friend who, name is on that wall in DC, because of an enemy mortar hitting his exact TWENTY! My point is this, WHO is to say only six lives were lost because of this clown deciding to walk off and join the Taliban? You don't hear Obama nor any of his lackeys discussing this! Why?
I'll tell you why, because he is a deceiver with an Anti-Christ spirit! I heard somebody say, "Well the Jews traded 100 men one time for just one Jewish soldier!" Well America is not Israel! Another thing about Israel, allow me to put this in bold type:
I'm talking bible here now, and if an individual will not believe that then they might as well not believe any of it! Russia is one of the nations who will find out the truth of my words here, but there are others!
It puts me in mind of when Moses had the Israelites on the verge of moving into the land of milk and honey, but they were afraid of those who were occupying the land, NOT KNOWING THAT THE PEOPLE OCCUPYING THE LAND WERE MORE AFRAID OF THEM THAN THE ISRAELITES WERE AFRAID OF COMING INTO THE LAND! ( Because of things God did prior to arriving there in order to protect and help the Israelites. Word traveled fast back then too, I suppose. )
Caleb and Joshua were the only two of the twelve spies who argued the contrary of a bad report bought back from the ordered spying excursions! God sent the spies over so they could see how BIG his promises were, and all the other ten spies saw was how BIG their enemies were! So, the next time they had to spy out a land it was years later when Joshua was in charge instead of Moses. Joshua only sent out TWO spies ( Moses sent out TWELVE before) to spy out JERICO! I wonder why? All you have to do is remember what happened the last time when TWELVE spies went out! ( Ten came back with an EVIL report! )
Allow me to tell you what a HARLOT name Rahab told the two spies working JERICO for Israel. She told them in so many words, "We know yall are bad!" "Ohhhh man we heard about yall" "This is why I'm going to help yall so yall will be obligated to help me and mine, when yall come in here with the help of God and start kicking butt!" ( paraphrased certainly ).
The Battle of Armageddon will show once and for all who the Jews are and how important they are here.

Carlos Ponce

Jbgood, did you notice when Secretary of State John Kerry called Israel an apartheid state massive destructive storms tore through the United Sates?
"I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, so that you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. " Gen. 12:2-3
John Kerry watch your tongue!

Kevin Lang

If Bergdahl is a deserter/traitor, isn't easier to find out what he told them, and to charge, try, and convict him of such things when he's in our custody rather than theirs? I don't know if that's part of the plan, but it seems to me that there could be more to this deal than to let him go home to a hero's welcome. It's also possible that our operatives will also be watching the 5 former detainees, and if they so much as sneeze funny, they could be captured and returned to Gitmo. Certainly lots of stuff to watch on this, but also lots that can play out.

Carlos Ponce

I'm glad he's back so we can find the truth but look at the cost. You say "they could be captured and returned to Gitmo". I don't think it will be as easy as you state. A source close to one of the former Guantanamo Bay prisoners, Noorullah Noori, released last week by the United States claims he plans to travel back to Afghanistan to fight against American troops. I think that's a lot more than a funny sneeze. Even Obama said there is “absolutely” a chance that the five Guantanamo detainees released will return to terrorism.

George Croix

If they so much as sneeze funny...?????
These 5 terrorists were already responsible for KILLING civilians, and lest we forget, American soldiers, in their own country. Ya figure they're looking to retire now, or maybe start a political career in one of their living rooms...??
The POTUS cheerleaders seem to ignore that he's done all he can to stick the Isrealis in the eye since taking office, so trying to make some comparison there is lame at best.
Perhaps someone can point out ANY time in the past an American president ever pulled a stunt like this?
Some Presidential backside kissers have tried to draw analogy to prisoner exchanges at the end of wars. The absurdity of that is mind boggling, unless the President is going to take his 'pen and phone' and declare an END to the war on terror.
Who'd be surprised if he did that?
I'm guessing that 5 Taliban leaders, 4 of whom are described by our own Pentagon personnel as '4 star general' types, will be able to do a lot more damage to a lot more people in the future than one deserter, AND the precedent for dealing with terrorists has now been set by this POTUS, so stand by to stand by for a nice big uptick in 'hostage' taking.
Wonder if those who will die because of this will thank Obama for his unilateral decision making?
For that matter, I wonder how much money we had to fork over to the terrorists for this, so we could then pretend that the 5 released were the actual deal, when it is just maybe another of POTUS' smokescreens, and the real first installment on emptying Gitmo to please the type of people he likes to please.

Kevin Lang

gecroix and carlosrponce, those are all good, and valid, points. However, unless we're all blessed (cursed?) to have Top Secret clearances and privvy to all of the details leading up to this, and the follow-up plans, we're just speculating on what the likely outcome is. Being cynical, wary, and even pessimistic is perfectly reasonable. However, we can't just discard the possibility that this may be a seed that turns out to be a good reward. The administration should be pressed to make sure that we aren't letting a traitor go free, and that we aren't turning terrorists loose to resume terrorism.

I've got my eyes and ears open. I also know that sometimes what we see and hear isn't necessarily what it seems. Maybe it smells funny. Maybe it's a limburger factory right next to a sriracha factory.

Carlos Ponce

kevjlang, look up Murphy's Law. Even Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are distancing themselves from this decision.

Chris Gimenez

Obama will prove (although I think it's past tense already) that he was nothing more than a massive social experiment gone horribly awry. Elected on nothing more than rhetoric, completely without the basic qualifications, and most importantly-someone who despises the very country he currently holds the highest office for.

He will go down in the history books as the worst president this country has ever seen and we will be trying to correct his aberrant behavioral abominations for decades to come.

George Croix

Bad Seed has already been done...


Obama is in over his head. This has nothing to do with his ethnicity either. Colin Power would have performed rings around this guy. He is commander a military and has swore to look out for them and turn around and let them die when they come homes as veterans! How can you justify that? IF HE DID NOT KNOW, WHAT WAS GOING ON, HE SHOLD HAVE KNOWN, AND HE HAD REASON TO KNOW!
The Lord only knows what he will screw up next! he is in over his head, just like I've bee saying! Putting would not dream of making the moves he's made on Obama, on a Colin Power, or a John McCain! The man is weak and Putin can smell weakness like a SHARK can smell blood in the water fro a mile off! He is worst than King Saul!
He is worst than King Ahab

Steve Fouga

"President is in search of positive legacy"

Well good luck. Just a couple years ago I thought his legacy would be far more positive than it's looking now.

This president's chance for a positive legacy is years from now, if ever -- and I truly hope he eventually has one.

If, someday, a nationalized healthcare program exists, that works and has bipartisan support, then historians will say that Obama took the first crack at such a program. A messy attempt, but the first.

If, someday, cleaner use of fossil fuel exists, and the world's economy is still intact, historians might say that Obama spurred the world to a more environmentally responsible use of fossil fuels. He did it controversially with no Congressional support, but he went out on a limb and tried. If the economy is wrecked, well, nice try, but then the positive legacy just went down the drain....

If, someday, the U.S. economy recovers to pre-recession levels, then maybe Obama's methods will be seen to have been effective in the long run, and he will be given credit for salvaging our economy. Even though some of the groundwork for the recovery was laid on W's watch. That's always how it works -- the next guy gets the credit and the blame.

These are all years in the future. If ever. His legacy right now? Hmmm... First black president? What else?.... crickets.... crickets...

Lars Faltskog

I appreciate Jake's unbiased analysis of Obama's presidency. Truth is he will be credited for successfully rallying the legislative corners to pass national health care.

Under his "watch", Obama will receive recognition for the seize and death of Osama Bin Laden. More accomplishments: Nobel Peace prize recipient, successful air strikes to quell Lybia's Khaddafi. successful Iraqui US military withdrawl.

In the wake of the most recent "mass" shootings this past week (and considering the even greater death counts of Sandy Hook, Aurora CO, WiS Sikh temple, Ft Hood, Wash. Navy Yard, it would not be surprising to see that before his presidency ends, that Obama may be a major factor in the sensible ban of military-style weapons.

In conclusion, Obama very likely will be credited for both domestic legislative successes and foreign policy.

Chris Gimenez

You're smoking something Servitude.

Even the Liar-in-Chief's spokesperson-usually an accomplished liar in his own right-couldn't figure out how to answer the question about his foreign policy accomplishments.

Nobel Peace Prize recipient? Yeah, he got it right after he'd been in office all of thirty days. Obviously they'd been listening to his rhetoric rather than looking at the facts. Not uncommon for this useless award.

National healthcare? Surely you jest. First of all, what he has wrought on this country is not about national healthcare yet, it's about nationalizing health insurance for which his efforts have been a massive failure in addition to exposing the lies he told to the public about keeping your plan and your doctors.

A successful withdrawal of troops from Iraq? Again, your State of Delirium goes hand-in-hand with this administration's State of Denial. Here's the truth about what his feckless handling of our efforts in Iraq have led to.

Your generalization of his "accomplishments" prove my point.

Carlos Ponce

Thank you, bvresident for returning sanity to this forum. While the rest of the Democratic Party is beginning to see the light on this failed presidency, some still subscribe to the Chris Mathews' Obama Adoration Club. Is there someone in this forum who still gets a "thrill" up their leg every time Obama's name is mentioned?

George Croix

Looks like Hagel is now set up to be the sacrificial Bergdahl fiasco lamb, as our 'commander' in chief simply cannot afford to let his legacy of passing blame off for everything to anybody else be tainted by actually owning up to a really dumb, really dishonest, move. Any of them....
I watch O'Reilly to get the 'word of the day'.
I watch the various news outlets to get the President's 'lie of the day'...and watch the hysterical attempts to cover for him...
Funny stuff, if it wasn't so disastrous for America now...and yet to come...

Kevin Lang

With all of the economic turmoils, foreign wars, domestic wars for independence, civil war, the civil right riots, and all the "World Championship" celebrations gone out of control we've had, I have great faith in our resilience as a nation and people. There is absolutely nothing that's transpired in the last 5+ years, or the generation before, or will transpire in the generation to come that we will not overcome if we want to. I do wonder, however, if the pessimism that is so rampant these days will be allowed to overtake our spirit and render us defeated. I sure hope not. I still kind of like this country.

Bergdahl could turn out to be one of the worst things this country has ever done. Or, it could just be something that happened--barely a blip on the radar. At this point, it's done. The legacy will be determined by what we do next. I think we should find out why he left his post and make sure that the 5 released prisoners create value for us, rather than create political value as we let them waltz back into terror without a single eye watching them. Many a chess match has been one despite the sacrifice of the queen in return for a pawn. If that's what this trade was, let's make sure that Al Qaeda wishes they could give us our queen back.

Carlos Ponce

Unfortunately, President Obama has not finished "changing" America.

Kevin Lang

Please explain? How can he change America? Did he change you? He certainly hasn't changed me. The people I talk to that are outside America talk to me the same way they did 10 years ago. Yes, some things are different than they were 5 years ago, but I don't think that any of the essence of America has changed, unless, of course, We the People decided that we wanted to change it.

The president leads our government, but he doesn't shape and mold us. Never has, never will. At least not without our free will behind it.

All of these doomsday rants might comfort some, but they mean nothing to me. I know that I have a lot more control of my fate than some government leader in DC.

Carlos Ponce

How can he change America? With his pen and his phone he has ignored the Constitution. My friends now talk and correspond in code words because our conversations are now monitored. There are times when I hold back my thoughts in GDN forums for fear of reprisal. I know a lot of fellow teachers who fight "Common Core" in their states. The non-teacher does not see what it is leading to. Those that are in teacher unions do see and are encouraged by "Common Think". They say this administration isn't endorsing it, but they are. Talk to the Border Patrol agents and they will tell you of the flood of illegals and no backing from this administration. Don't believe the numbers they publish, it's just a game they play. Don't believe the unemployment numbers they report. Look at the U12 numbers instead. Real unemployment is at 12.6%. There is a lot more I could write but I better hold back.

George Croix

"He certainly hasn't changed me."
You proved my point by using yourself, you personally, the one and only, as an indication of 'no change', rather than note the changes that effect all.
We are talking about the nation, not the individual.

Kevin Lang

carlosrponce, sounds more like paranoia than the rational person I generally see commenting here.

gecroix, while I don't know you, I do know what you consistently write here about your independence, perseverence, hard work, and intelligence.

I just don't see anything that's happened in either the last 5 years, the last 13 years, or even the last 25 years that's been done by a President of the United States that has provided any insurmountable, fundamental, or unrecoverable barriers or damage to the country. I'd have to say that in my lifetime, the most significant change was due to the utter distaste that we developed for our political system in the wake of the Nixon administration. Since then, I've regarded any benefit we've received from DC to be a random gift. Everything else is to be expected. Until DC changes, I don't look to see anything come out of there that will change America.

Carlos Ponce

Wait and see kevjlang, wait and see. Some can't see the forest for the trees. Think of the analogy of a frog put in a pan of room temperature water and the heat is s-l-o-w-l-y bringing the water to a boil until it is too late to hop out. I can feel the temperature rising. Too bad you can't.

Kevin Lang

I see and feel much better than you give me credit for.

I am concerned about all the political whining I see these days, and it doesn't seem to be concentrated on just one side, either. Personally, I'd like to see congress grow a real spine, and work on solving some of our real problems, rather than just cherry-picking on some politically popular, but ineffectual ones. You know, the kind that can cost not only votes but also campaign dollars. And, I'd like to see the political pundits that claim they want DC out of our lives, actually hold BOTH parties to that, rather than cherry-picking the things they do want government "fixing".

If you feel the temperature rising, maybe it's "global warming" ;-)

George Croix

As long as the dumb first letter of the alphabet conservatives keep splitting their votes, we'll get another 4, or 8, years of change on top of this.
At which point...we'll be France...or Greece.

Oh, my...
Take all those extra other hands and force those eyelids open and look around...
When you change the people, you've changed the nation.
A 'new normal'...

DEFINITELY time for a break...

Carlos Ponce

If the Republicans nominate a true Conservative they will win. McCain and Romney were not true Conservatives. Problem is that the Donkey Party will unite behind their candidate, probably Hillary, early. They then will come over to Republican Primaries to boost some moderate. Come November it will be a Democratic win again. Only 32% of the Republicans voted in 2012. Ask yourself why the rest chose to stay home.

George Croix

You figure it's 'pessimism' that causes people to object to the 'fundamental change' of 'ther greatest nation the world has ever known', said change BY the guy who made that assessment, and a whole lot of it unilaterally, bypassing the Constitutional separation of powers? When the 'change' has resulted in majority negative results, to date, still, and looking like for a long time to come.
Do tell...
A person will likely recover from food poisoning, but to say that he should never have been poisoned in the first place, and will suffer greatly for it, is hardly 'pessimism.
Not on this planet...[wink]

Lars Faltskog

Response to kevjlang posted at 7:55 pm on Tue, Jun 10, 2014,
Response to carlosrponce posted at 5:04 pm on Tue, Jun 10, 2014:

Halleluiah to what kev says. How can we, as Americans who have always championed the individual's capability to make something of himself/herself, lay claim that the government (Obama now) is stopping us from pursuing our dreams? Is Obama bringing down our means to be successful and also our spirit to do so?

Last I heard, we have now in the USA over 7,135,000 millionaire houseolds. I am, for a moment, going to take the conservative "pick oneself up by the bootstrap" philosophy. If you don't like the direction we're taking, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

You don't know how?? One start is to vote your conscience, curry up a candidate that will turn the tide. Just yesterday, Canter got ousted b/c of a Tea Partier. As much as I think the Tea Party holds negativity toward the pursuit of all citizens' potential toward achieving the American Dream, their party is still a representative of how great it is to have a country that doesn't have numerous wide-range attempts to "overthrow".

I am the same today as I was in late in 2008 when Bush #2 was ending his reign. I am confident in saying that no President, no senator, no one will affect my day-to-day life except me. That is the American mentality. Obama does not have that much power to "fundamentally change" us.

Carlos Ponce

Funny, sverige, a few forums ago you declared the demise of the TEA party movement. And you have changed. You are not the same as you were in late 2008. I have noticed that in your posts. I could point out the changes but I feel you need to "rediscover" yourself. Good Luck!

Lars Faltskog

Say whaaat?? Changes?? Gotten more conservative?

Lars Faltskog

[[[[ gasp ]]]] !!![scared]

Carlos Ponce

Take time to find yourself, sverige. You HAVE changed.

Lars Faltskog

I'll also add that it's interesting that the Republicans/Tea Partiers are blaming Obama for our country's "demise". Isn't that saying that you yourself are dependent on the GOV in how you operate daily and how you think?

Republicans, Tea Partiers - get some initiative. Get off your duffs and stop complaining that the government isn't doing anything for you. That's just like a Republican/Tea blame others for their strife. How "conservative".

Carlos Ponce

Again, you are misrepresenting the Conservative Movement, sverige. The Federal Government has TWO Constitutional Roles: Provide for the Common Defense and Regulate Interstate Commerce. Everything else is PORK. Every other power belongs to STATES and to the PEOPLE. We don't want the government telling us how to think and how to operate. Asides from the CONSTITUTIONAL provisions we don't want the Federal Government to do anything else for us. It is the Donkey Party who wants a Nanny State, womb to the tomb care.

Lars Faltskog

Incorrect, carlosrponce:

One thing the Conservative Movement wants to do is to tell the women what to think and dictate what to do with their bodies.

Wouldn't having the option to terminate a pregancy be a concept that is left to the States?

Carlos Ponce

Pregnancy termination was left up to the states until Roe V. Wade. Even "Jane Roe" (Norma McCorvey) is now Pro-life. She was told to lie and claim she was raped. McCorvey asserted that she had been the "pawn" of two young and ambitious lawyers (Weddington and Coffee) who were looking for a plaintiff with whom they could challenge the Texas state law prohibiting abortion. She had the baby who was then adopted.
The baby in question has a different DNA than the mother. The child is an entire separate entity with potential if nature takes its course.

Lars Faltskog

Response to carlosrponce posted at 7:26 am on Wed, Jun 11, 2014:

No, I still say the Tea party is dying. It's dying as any rabid varmit would. Growling, biting at the great things that our country has represented before. Mainly biting the hand of a country that has, in the past, welcomed the immigrants with open arms, a la Ellis Island.

As an example, one set of my great-great grandparents apparently came from Estonia, and they spoke in foreign tongues and dressed differently than Americans that had been here since the 1700s/1800s.

But, today, I wonder if my great-great grandparents would be welcomed or shunned because of their immigrant status. Well, they were "the right color", so maybe today they would get a "pass". That is why the Tea party is most lethal. The message they send truly demonizes the concept of our country's melting pot characteristics.

I'm wondering: What "true conservative" is down the pike that can represent the Republican party that you want back? I can't think of anyone. Truth is, this country is not changing its fortitude in wanting to be productive and being the 1st superpower. However, what is changing is the old concept that only a few chosen people can attain affluency. Couple that with a shrinking middle class - that's why your Republican party is going by way of the dinosaur.

Carlos Ponce

There you go again sverige, redefining the TEA Party and not knowing what you are talking about!. The TEA party is not against LEGAL immigration. We are against ILLEGAL immigration. And the opportunity of affluence should be made available to everyone, not just the friends of President OBama (AKA Crony Capitalism). Maybe the old Republican Party is fading away - but the Conservative Movement is stronger than ever. As to the death of the TEA Party remember the statement attributed to Samuel Clemens, “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”.
"Wendy, Wendy what went wrong? Oh, so wrong" (The Beach Boys)

Steve Fouga

"If you are young and not liberal, then you have no heart; but if you are old and not conservative, then you have no brain."

So Lars, you're just following the normal path. Nothing to be ashamed of [beam]

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