Even though over the course of our columns we have been disparaged by some readers, we have strived to bring relevant topics and ideas to public discussion without attacking people’s character. We are grateful to The Daily News for its willingness to print all sides, giving the public a voice to debate ideas. Democrats often tout that they brought us the 40-hour workweek and established child labor laws. We’re not sure they did all that without any Republican assistance, but we’ll say thanks for their part in good legislation. We are all better off when both parties do what is best for the nation, which sadly is rare nowadays. Unfortunately, the national Democratic Party has a long traceable history of being on the wrong side of history.

The Republican Party, while not perfect, was established to end slavery. In 1854, then Senator from Texas, Sam Houston, a former Jacksonian, voted against the Kansas-Nebraska Bill that would have extended slavery into the western territories. Houston had been Governor of Tennessee, then wrestled control of Texas from the dictator Santa Anna, was elected to be the first and third President of the Republic of Texas and he supported annexation by the U.S. He subsequently lost favor, and future political office, because of his stand against the Democratic Party and their bid to hold onto slavery. The southern states were long a Democratic stronghold known as “The Solid South.”

The Solid South after The Civil War gave us poll taxes and Jim Crow laws to hinder certain segments of our nation from voting. Now they promote every fringe cause to hold onto power and promote themselves as the saviors of Latino and black Americans. Yet the plight of the people they say they want to help has often grown more desperate under Democrat rule all the while they accuse Republicans of trying to keep people from voting. The National Democratic Party along with the television media has done an amazing job of confusing the issues and casting blame on others, especially Republicans. During The Great Depression the Democrats said it was caused by “rich Republicans” calling in their money. Actually, The Great Depression was partly caused by flawed economic theories, which lead to an oversupply of manufactured goods, particularly of goods made obsolete by industrial advances. It was a glut of supply that greatly outstripped demand.

Today the left-leaning television media appears to be imploding in a self-destructive spiral as they repeat fake news like a bad video loop. They keep attacking Trump while in every story they have to admit there is no evidence for their speculations and their sources are all anonymous and untraceable. It appears difficult for them to suspend the attacks long enough to report on important issues in other parts of the world.

We are facing other national crises and we need to work together as Americans and stop the backbiting attacks. All have sinned, let’s repent together and pray for our nation.

Bill Sargent, Mark Mansius and John Gay are writing a series of columns on timely issues for today. All three ran in the 14th Congressional District primary.

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Jarvis Buckley

Very heartfelt article. Thank you....

Diane Turski

Talk about twisting the truth to suit your ideology! Yes, I am disparaging your article.

Carlos Ponce

What's twisted in this column?

Christopher Smith

Well it comes off as a bit disingenuous to start off by saying that Americans need to come together and then spend the rest of the column bashing the other side. After reading the first paragraph I really thought we were going to get something new from these gentleman. Perhaps a column on how the left and right could work together on things like health care or infrastructure or something like that. Instead it's the same old same old.

Carlos Ponce

"bashing the other side" - anything in there that is twisted or false????

Josh Butler

Twisting the truth? How?

George Croix

The Three Guys have evidently been in the same room with that attorney who wants to ease dope laws.
Work together?
Funny stuff.....
About half the country is too busy griping about threats to democracy, then doing the same things they gripe about.
Most of the other half insists on ideological purity or nothing, and eats their own kind to get it...
Forecast for today??
No flying swine.....

Andy Brown

Let's all work together. Here's why the DNC sucks. Blah, blah, blah. blah. Yawn.

Cary Semar

These guys remind me of columnists like William Safire (Old Snake) and David Brooks (New Snake). They lure you in with a noble idea, then hit you in the face with a pie. A cow pie.

Steve Fouga

"Today the left-leaning television media appears to be imploding in a self-destructive spiral as they repeat fake news like a bad video loop."

Hahahahaha!! Imploding??? Self-destructive??? Dream on! The left-leaning media is as popular as ever! MSNBC and CNN doing just fine, last I looked.

This is just a silly, silly article. Work together? GREAT idea! Let's here some concrete, do-able ideas. Starting with health care. How's the Republican-only version workin' for ya'? [wink]

Carlos Ponce

"MSNBC and CNN doing just fine, last I looked."
CNN places 13th in prime time behind Nick at Nite (11th place) showing Yogi Bear reruns.
MSNBC placed 2nd.
Leader of the pack FOX NEWS. But it wasn't even close!
Neilson's P2+ rankings have FOX at 2294, MSNBC at 1628, third was HGTV at 1457, Nick at Nite at 11th (903), and CNN at 13th place (846)
Last you looked? Look again.

Jim Forsythe

Last time I watched Yogi Bear , it did not have news. When comparing news show, compare them to other news shows.

The number of viewers of Fox News, is dropping. With as many news show that we have to chose from ,the numbers that watch just one news network has gone done, from the time when we had 3 main news networks.
June 2, 2017.
Although Fox News won the overall ratings for the month, it lost to MSNBC in weekday prime-time viewers in the age group advertisers covet most.
Among viewers aged 25 to 54, MSNBC averaged 532,000 adults during its weekday prime-time  shows. That topped both Fox News, which averaged 524,000 viewers, and CNN, at 455,000 viewers.

Steve Fouga

Well, Jim replied to Carlos's comment before I could. I was going to say that CNN and MSNBC are not really in competition with Fox, they're in competition with each other -- in other words, Fox is pretty much the ONLY major network providing the sort of coverage and commentary its viewers want, whereas CNN and MSNBC have to share their viewers with each other and with the true MSM, like CBS, NBC, and ABC. Fox basically has a monopoly in a shrinking niche market, so of course its ratings are good.

So I'll stand by my comment: CNN and MSNBC are doing fine. I'll even elevate that to GREAT! [cool]

Jim Forsythe

I'm watching Yogi Bear, it just had a update about Russia.

Carlos Ponce

Ok, Boo Boo.

Carlos Ponce

"Although Fox News won the overall ratings for the month...."
Isn't that the goal?

Carlos Ponce

"So I'll stand by my comment: CNN and MSNBC are doing fine. I'll even elevate that to GREAT!"
That's it, stand by your fake news network.

Emile Pope

Really? Republicans try to justify their recent acts by going back over half a century to the acts of a Democratic party that has totally changed. They fail to mention that the racist elements of the Democratic party left when the party took up the cause of Civil Rights. Where did they end up? The Republican party. Why don’t the writers mention the Southern Strategy, the Republican opposition to voting rights, the emphasis on state’s rights, or their attempts at voter suppression? Someone should remind the writers that American history didn’t end in 1948…
And the position that the Great Depression was cause by an oversupply of goods is laughable. It was caused by the wealth inequality which put most of the wealth in the hands of a few while average Americans were paid so little that they were unable to purchase the products that they made. And those “flawed economic theories” were put in place by Republicans who did little help the economy during the crisis. It took the actions of Democrats to bring the country out of the Depression just as it took the actions of Democrats to bring the country out of the Bush Recession. And calling news reports “fake news” simply because they are critical of Trump isn’t even worthy of comment…

George Croix

I was taught it took World War II, not silly partisan wrangling or bait selling, to bring America out of Depression.
That 7th Grade Social studies teacher of mine is gonna get a nasty letter....soon as I can remember her name....


Steve Fouga

Correct. But it's hard to deny that Roosevelt's progressive policies started the turnaround. Sometimes progressive policies really do help, George.

George Croix

You must be talking about Teddy, who's penchant for things 'progressive' was later disavowed...by Teddy....
FDR was first and foremost a pragmatist...one can't fight a world war based on hoping the other guy will take care of you and foot the bills and provide the effort....or with moral in the toilet and 'resistance' breaking out all over......
His successes got co-opted by 'progressives', always on the lookout for some way to disguise their failed philosophies.....[wink]

Nothing wrong with being a 'progressive'.....it makes the stark difference so much clearer between the folks who are actually capable of dealing with reality....and paying for it themselves.....[beam][beam][beam]

George Croix


Close enough.....

Well, not really......

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