I was feeling disappointed in myself when I learned that November is National Novel Writing Month, and, yet again, I have not started on mine.

However, I can cut myself a little slack as Nov. 1 was National Authors Day and I am at least the author of this little newspaper column.

Nov. 1 is also Cookie Monster Day and Plate Tectonics Day. We all know the Cookie Monster, I think, but few are familiar with plate tectonics. I think that has to do with our land shifting around and causing earthquakes.

Nov. 3 was Cliche Day and Nov. 5 was Book Lovers Day.

I guess you didn’t know that some people, somewhere, have created a special celebration for almost every day of the year. Since we are in November, I am checking out these so I won’t miss any upcoming celebrations. And I hope you won’t miss them, either.

Nov. 5 was International Games Day and Nov. 6 was Saxophone Day. That was a Sunday and we should have known ahead of time, because we have in our church at least one talented saxophone player who could have shared his expertise.

Today is International Tongue Twister Day. “She sells seashells by the seashore.”

Wednesday is National Parents as Teachers Day for all the home-schoolers, and also the public school teachers who are also parents, I guess.

It is also National Young Readers day.

All you Semper Fi folks know Nov. 10 is the Marine Corps’ Birthday. It is also, an absurdity, Sesame Street Day.

Nov. 11 was Veterans Day, as we all know and honor. It is also Remembrance Day and National Origami Day (another idiosyncrasy).

I like the idea of Nov. 14. Let’s all celebrate Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day. The whole country, led by President Trump, needs to mark this one.

Nov. 14 is also National American Teddy Bear Day.

Here’s a good reason for Nov. 15. National I Love to Write Day. I can celebrate that.

It is also National Philanthropy Day. I read in the paper recently that Americans, as groups and as individuals, are the most generous people in the world.

Nov. 17 is Use Less Stuff Day. Nov. 19 is Equal Opportunity Day and Nov. 20 is Absurdity Day. (You may decide a lot of these belong in that category.)

Nov. 21 is Military Families Recognition Day and Nov. 22 is Start Your Own Country Day. (Now there’s a thought.)

Nov. 24 we all will celebrate Thanksgiving, and the day after, we will mark Native American Day. (How appropriate.)

Have a happy Whatever You Choose to Celebrate Day, one and all.

Cathy Gillentine is a Daily News columnist. She may be reached at cgillentine1@sbcglobal.net.

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