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Jim Casey

Cruise ships are in fact floating hotels and amusement parks. The only destinations from Galveston are Caribbean islands and some destinations on the east coast of Mexico—which is fine for a vacation.

No one is going to take a cruise ship to Europe or Asia.

The good doctor can't, by medical ethics, mention treatment to patients that he hasn't examined in person; but I will—Scopalimine patches as a treatment for motion sickness. They don't always work, but when they work, they do..

- Jim

Mary Branum

But people do take cruises to Europe and Asia. In fact we have taken 7 cruises from Galveston to Europe and Europe to Galveston.
The Navigator of the Seas left last year from Galveston to Barcelona to Dubai to Singapore and there were locals on the ship.
Never have been seasick - the stabilizers work great.
But I sailed long before the floating hotels on a tramp steamer - still never ill.
Not to say others won't become ill, bit they could feel the same in a car - just saying!

Jim Casey

Sorry, I didn't know that there were intercontinental passenger cruises. Nobody I know has taken one.

Still, if you need to be in Paris or Frankfurt tomorrow, it's going to be on a plane.

- Jim

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