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Mr. Woolsey,
Sir, what a hard hitting article! What a refreshing, informative piece which is right on target for today's untoward,..twisted society,...where children normally take the lead and tell their parents what they want to do,. instead of the parent telling them WHAT they are going to do! It is a Godly mandated job to ..."train-up a child in the way he/she should go and when they are old they will not depart from it."
( Proverbs 22:6 ).
Again, I love what you have written here,..because it is so true. Kids watch their parents' every move,..they watch what is important to them and what is not! When they are very young they emulate their parents by imitating what they see their parents do. Many times future goals, and career moves of children are influence from the quality of parenting children receive at home. With that,..think about the problems we are having in our communities on the streets,...or in our schools today,...because many parents of this generation will straight-up proclaim, they don't want to "SUBJECT" their children to the "STRICT" upbringing they themselves received from their own parents of the prior generation!
You hit one out the park, as far as I'm concerned when you said your children are still taking notes from you and your wife,...meaning you are still influencing them in doing right, and constructive things, and in making good sound life decisions even though they are adults now.
My father did not have a high school education, but was a big influence on me in the same manner with Godly wisdom, and righteousness! I can remember him pointing a finger in my face, ( I was 25 years old ) .... and scolding me vehemently about a racist remark coming out of my mouth! He said, "Where you git that kind of talking from?" " I ain't learn you nothing lack dat....and I on wanna "hear tell" you saying saying nothing lack-it agin!" "If I do,...me and you "ga" have it now!"
I said yes sir,...( tears in my eyes ) I apologize! Now, as I said I was a ground man and was bench pressing over 300 pounds in the weight room, but the way I was raised, and the respect I had for a man who did not have a high school education, but saw to it that I was at least parented with a degree of respect for others, was enormous and immense! What that old man taught me served me well all my life as I ventured into the deep South,. overseas in the military,..and to this day. I'll close with this experiment on parenting:
I read about a zoo somewhere in the world who had young elephant males who were raised in captivity without the benefit of role model parents. They were raised in captivity by their human "keepers." Well the keepers discovered that as the "young bulls" grew older and larger in size, they became more viscous,...territorial, and dangerous. The keepers even had to distract them to clean their zoo facilities,and to feed them. They young bulls let the keepers know THEY were in charge of the area and not the keepers! So one day, one of the keepers wanted to try something out of the box.
The keeper proposed bringing in several OLD BIMBO elephants who were raised in the wild,..and put them in the same compound with the YOUNG BULLS. Results:
Within a short period of time, the OLD BIMBO elephants took control of the compound and compelled the YOUNG BULLS to behave themselves and act like they had some *&% sense! True story. After seeing this story, I realized, THAT WAS THE SAME THING MY FATHER DID TO ME THAT DAY, HE POINTED HIS FINGER IN MY FACE, AND SAID,..."I'M NOT HAVING THAT KIND OF TALK COMING FROM A SON OF MINE!" We need more parents like you Mr. Woolsey, ...and my dad!

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