Please do not forget the Fairview Cemetery Fundraiser will be from noon to 4 p.m. today.

Hosted by the Butler Longhorn Museum with food, some good Cajun music and a hay wagon tour of the beautiful century old cemetery.

Call 281-332-1393.



League City Police Department’s Volunteers in Policing Program, launched in March 2013, allowing graduates from the Citizen Police Academy to continue to make League City a great place to live, is a success.

VIPs contributed a total of 2,821 volunteer hours with the police department in one year.

More than 900 of those hours were spent patrolling in the VIP car. Their patrol duties included picking up more than 2,100 bandit signs and notifying code compliance of graffiti or trash.

VIPs issued 32 warnings and 43 citations for disabled parking violations. VIPs participate as actors in a variety of training scenarios for SWAT, CPA and bike school.

In addition, they fulfill tasks needed to make the annual golf tournament, National Night Out and training events a success.



The League City Police Department recognizes the effects of crime are far-reaching and continue on after an arrest or court judgment.

Our city has a licensed social worker, Stephanie Jones, who has served as our Crime Victims Advocate since February 2012.

The department received funding to support this position through the Victim of Crime Act Grant in 2011.

When national figures point to only 8 percent of crime victims receiving social services, 47 percent of the victims reported to League City Police Department have received help.

In 2013, Stephanie assisted 332 crime victims. Stephanie assists with securing essential resources for the victims including food, shelter and therapy.

She also works with individuals to establish safety plans and obtain protective orders. She has integrated the use of police interns and volunteers in order to reach more people.

Stephanie attends death notifications and makes herself available for welfare and mental health concerns.

Even crime victims from outside the League City area have found assistance and hope after being identified by our police officers in the field and referred to Stephanie.

In times of crisis, Stephanie has proved herself to be a dedicated, concerned professional which makes her a vital asset for the League City Police Department.



Don’t forget the 60th Old Time Village Fair Texas Music Festival, a four-day event May 8-11. To get schedules, vendor, band or general information, visit

All Clear Creek classes will hold a reunion at the village fair from 6:30 p.m. to midnight May 9.

However, most importantly, the plans are in progress for a parade celebrating the annual League City Lions Club Village Fair and Texas Music Festival.

The parade will be at 9 a.m. May 10. It will begin at the Crowder Funeral Services and League City Church of Christ parking lots — similar to the annual Holiday in the Park parade. The fire department will participate in recognition of its 75th anniversary.

Chris John Mallios, a longtime resident of League City, is writing a series of occasional columns about the history of his hometown. He can be reached at

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